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Apr 21, 2022

As a business owner, you know that A-players love to learn, grow, and be challenged. Don’t expect to have A-players if you keep them in a stagnant role where they are not challenged! Join me in this episode where we dive deeper into retaining A-players by creating challenges and opportunities for their advancement. 


Show Highlights:


  • Can you relate to Bill? He is a business owner facing the problem of a revolving door for entry-level employees–because he doesn’t have a plan for advancement for A-players.


  • “What we focus on grows.” Shift your intention and attention to developing and retaining your best team members, and start with weekly one-to-one meetings.


  • How to identify opportunities for team members to use their strengths in their work


  • What can you take off YOUR plate that can become an opportunity for advancement for your best team members?


  • Why retention matters (Situations like “The Great Resignation” will affect you less if you have the reputation as one who develops A-players.)


  • What makes a great boss? The key is to have people-management skills honed by:
    • Planning one-to-one meetings where you can LISTEN.
    • Clearly defining each team member’s role.
    • Identifying crucial skills and strengths needed in each role.


  • How to identify in existing team members what drains them and what excites them about their role (Pinpoint their strengths, and don’t burn them out!)


  • How team goals help create a culture of support, safety, and connection for your team members


  • The value in mutually-invested relationships–when you share your business goals and vision with team members to show them how they will benefit from achieving them (They will see that they are working for something bigger than a paycheck.)


  • How the business owner’s dream should stretch everyone on the team to embrace and achieve that vision


  • The final piece in retaining A-players: How you, as the business owner, show up (Be non-judgmental and have a learner-curiosity mindset.)


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