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Nov 22, 2018

Attracting the best employees requires some ninja strategies in today’s tight labor market. On today’s Profit by Design Podcast, Mike Ciavolino joins Dr. Sabrina and Mike to discuss how to use marketing strategy to recruit. At Shore Creative Group, Mike and his team help their clients developing a unique Employer Brand while implementing the latest tools and techniques in recruitment marketing. After listening to today’s show, you will be chomping at the bit to get Mike’s free gift for you. 

Mike Ciavolino provides a unique and practical perspective on marketing and advertising. As owner of Shore Creative Group ( and having spent over 30 years in the marketing industry, Mike has focused his energies on helping clients develop brand strategies and marketing campaigns to better position themselves and win with today’s changing customers. 

Show Highlights:

  • A company’s most important brand is really no longer their consumer brand, but their talent brand because of the promises they make to their customers.
  • Mike C. discusses how many employers use the “spray and pray” tactic by putting job posts all over social media or other sites, and hoping for the right people to respond.
  • Mike C. says, at times, candidates begin filling out an application and then abandon it on the site, which can sometimes be attributed to the many forms they must complete during the application process.
  • Employers, when considering their onboarding, need to think like marketers. Blog, post on social media about your company, or post on your website to pique the curiosity of potential applicants. 
  • Mike C. says to make the hiring process seamless and easy.
  • Mike C. says to send e-mails to applicants letting them know the next steps to expect, for which Dr. Sabrina suggests using automation. 
  • Mike B. says the hiring process can be difficult and frustrating, and that employers should have a process that’s welcoming and entices applicants to proceed with the application process.
  • Mike C. suggests creating a page on your website to describe your business, or to highlight testimonials or to include an enticing video about your business.
  • Dr. Sabrina says we should design our hiring processes around the ideal applicants we want to attract.
  • Mike B. says he has to take down personal walls and been a bit vulnerable when designing hiring practices to let applicants know who you are and lay out qualifications for the ideal candidate.
  • Mike C. says to think like a marketer to get your talent. Run ads if you need to, and also set up a landing page or a blog on your site to entice potential employees.
  • Mike C. shares tips for coming up with content for a blog even when you do not have very much time to blog.
  • Dr. Sabrina suggests having a team member take photos of memorable events and then share them for potential employees to enjoy and share.
  • Mike C. says recognizing employees in a special way for going above and beyond what is expected, and showcase that information on your site.
  • Mike C. says building out your employer brand is key to enticing employees.
  • Outline, in advance, a blueprint of what your business will look like when you have additional team members and clients. (Mike C)
  • Mike C says to do your due diligence when looking to hire a recruitment marketer and Dr. Sabrina suggests talking to other businesses who used a specific recruitment marketer to gather information before hiring one.
  • The companies with a strong employer brand really do have more engaged employees. (Mike C)
  • Dr. Sabrina says to create a great place to work and then intentionally document it by taking photos, capturing moments on videos, and blogging, to reinforce it and keep the whole cycle going.
  • Mike B says that even if we have a recruiter, we still need to make sure we have a good employer brand on our material.
  • Mile C says to look at competitors’ information to see what they are doing to recruit employees to see if what you’re doing is in the same ballpark.

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