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Jul 18, 2019

Would you like to be more effective with your marketing? Dr. Sabrina interviews David Hawke, about affluent marketing for contractors. If you're not a contractor, use this as an opportunity to do some cross-industry learning, using what Pumpkin Planners call the “Leapfrog Technique.” This means that you take something that is working for someone in another industry and utilize it in your own industry to really stand out.  


In today's episode, David and Dr. Sabrina talk about marketing strategy, and the subtle things that can be done, with digital marketing, in particular, to help you to stand out, and bring in a lot more of the right kind business for yourself. 

Those of you who are Pumpkin Planners will find some surprising ways to use Pumpkin Planning to make your marketing more effective as Dr. Sabrina shares some advanced strategy from the Pumpkin Plan. Tune in now, to find out more.


David Hawke is the founder of Affluent Contractor, a marketing firm specializing in placing your message in front of the right prospect when they are actively looking to hire a contractor. Also providing social media solutions and powerful website design and hosting platforms for contractors, he can quickly and proactively get the necessary touch-points needed to get your prospects attention and into the sales process. He started a successful remodeling company in 2000, was a member of the Home Builders Association and served as chairman of his Remodelers Council as well as President of his local Chamber of Commerce council.


He has been the key speaker at numerous Small Business Association and Chamber of Commerce seminars, as well as an instructor at Chattanooga State Community College on topics ranging from digital marketing best practices and website development to social media strategies with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and more.



Show Highlights:


  • Word-of-mouth advertising really works, however, it is uncontrollable.
  • Social media marketing works a lot like word-of-mouth, only you get to control what people are saying.
  • David talks about his background and his experience in the contracting industry.
  • David shares expensive marketing mistakes he made early on. 
  • David explains what digital marketing is.
  • The touch-points that, if hit, will bring a prospect into your sales process, and help you move forward.
  • David explains why he likes using Facebook for advertising.
  • The pitfalls to the DIY approach to digital marketing.
  • The kind of marketing conversations you can have on Facebook.
  • Why video advertising is the biggest thing going right now for contractors.
  • Engaging people by asking their opinion about your ad.
  • Why contractors need to have websites.
  • Why it's really difficult to get traction on Facebook without advertising.
  • Retargeting people who visit your website.
  • Some key elements that contractors need to have on their website.
  • Using chatbots to your best advantage.
  • Automation is everything.
  • Reviews are huge.
  • How to handle negative reviews.
  • Following up is vital.
  • Some out-of-the-box strategies for following up.
  • Retargeting is the biggest opportunity for contractors that is being missed in the marketplace.
  • Creating an integrated, comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • David has a gift for you. He is offering you his Contractors Social Media Marketing Process Flowchart. 
  • David talks about his Podcast, The Remodeling Business Blueprint.

Links and Resources:


David's websites:    



David on social media:


David's Podcast: The Remodeling Business Blueprint.Com 


The Contractors Social Media Marketing Process Flowchart:


Books Mentioned:

The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz


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