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Jun 13, 2019

Welcome to our special Father's Day edition of the Profit by Design Podcast! Today, we are exploring the blend of fatherhood and entrepreneurship. Mike Ciavolino, the owner of Shore Creative, is back on the show with us. In addition to being an entrepreneur, he is the father of fourteen-year-old triplets. We will also be hearing from our very own Mike Bruno today, who is a father of three. Both are sharing life lessons and challenges they’ve experienced in their roles as fathers and entrepreneurs.  Tune in now, to find out more. 

Mike Ciavolino provides a unique and practical perspective on marketing and advertising. As the owner of Shore Creative Group ( and having spent over 30 years in the marketing industry, Mike has focused his energies on helping clients develop brand strategies and marketing campaigns to better position themselves and win with today’s changing customers.

Show Highlights:

  • Mike Bruno and Mike Ciavolino talk about what they have been doing differently, as fathers, in the last year.
  • Mike Ciavolino's wife, who is a nurse, set up a hospital unit in their house to cope with the needs of their three babies, who were born eight weeks early and had to be monitored. This happened just as Mike was starting to work for himself.
  • Mike Ciavolino describes where he was in his business at the time that his children were born. 
  • Some of the lessons that have served Mike Ciavolino, as a father and as an entrepreneur.
  • Mike Ciavolino talks about how managing the challenges in your personal life helps you to manage the challenges you face in your business.
  • Some of the lessons that Mike Bruno has learned as a father that serve him as an entrepreneur.
  • Mike Bruno explains how the supportive mindset and the coordination mindset, with your family, blend into your business.
  • Getting what you want by focusing on your intention and then fitting the other pieces of the puzzle around that.
  • Keeping things positive for the children after a divorce.
  • The responsibility that they both feel, in their role as fathers, and how that has played into the decisions that they have made and will make, about their businesses. 
  • Some of the hard responsibilities that Mike Ciavolino faces with his children and how this drives him in his business.
  • Mike Bruno takes his responsibility as a father really seriously. He talks about his drive to provide for his family.
  • How Mike Bruno's daughter and Mike Ciavolino's son experience them, as fathers.
  • As parents, we have to be careful about what we say and do because our children are watching everything.
  • Some of the hardest things that they have experienced from being a father and a business owner.
  • Time management can be difficult for entrepreneurs and parents.
  • Showing up, being the best you can be, and having the biggest impact, as a parent and in your business. 
  • Mike Bruno and Mike Ciavolino share their thoughts about incorporating their kids into the work they are doing.
  • What they hope that their children are learning from them, as entrepreneurs.



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