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Mar 21, 2019

Would you like to take a 4 Week Vacation™? John Briggs, owner of Incite Tax Works took the 4 Week Vacation™ challenge. In today's episode, he will share with us how he got there and what he has been through. He and Dr. Sabrina have an interesting discussion around mindset, sharing the mindset issues that they grappled with as they prepared to go on their 4 Week Vacations. The suspense was high in the final months as John needed to fill a critical role and the A-Players were not applying. John and Sabrina discuss the How to Hire the Best™ A-Player Attraction Strategies John implemented and what happened. Listen in today to find out how John used that difficulty to make his business even stronger for when he returns from his 4 Week Vacation.


John has owned a tax firm for more than a decade starting off as a solopreneur and now has a team of 18 people he works with.  He is a Mastery level Profit Frist Professional, has a lean six sigma black belt, is a CPA, a license financial planner, an owner of a CrossFit gym, an owner of an options trading newsletter, and is currently writing the book Profit First for Microgyms.



Show Highlights:

  • It feels surreal for John to be taking a 4 Week Vacation.
  • There are some pretty remarkable things about what John is doing because his 4 Week Vacation is set to happen in the height of the tax season.
  • John explains how made his 4 Week Vacation™ happen.
  • When John read Michael Michalowicz's book, Clockwork, he felt as if it was a personal challenge for him.
  • John spent three years working towards his 4 Week Vacation™ after being inspired hearing Dr. Sabrina talk about it. 
  • John explains how he prepared for his 4 Week Vacation™.
  • The critical mindset shift that entrepreneurs have to make when delegating responsibilities to team members.
  • John talks about the hardest of the mindset shifts that he had to make.
  • Why it's critical to regularly tell your team members that you trust them.
  • It took John three years of effort to get to the point of being able to thank his team members for their mistakes. 
  • Dr. Sabrina is on a mission to make 4 Week Vacation™ the norm, rather than the exception, for entrepreneurs.
  • Making a list was the first step towards John's 4 Week Vacation™.
  • John explains the systems his business required, in order for him to be able to take a 4 Week Vacation™.
  • John discusses the difficulties he had with his key hires.
  • John got help from Dr. Sabrina for his hiring process.
  • The doubts that John grappled with in his hiring process.
  • The way that the How To Hire The Best system worked for John's business.
  • The benefits of using Tap the Potential’s Key Employee Survey with your team.
  • John and Dr. Sabrina share how John created a remarkable recruitment marketing video to convey how Incite Tax Works is different and attract the right team members.  
  • The importance of sharing your uniqueness.
  • John discusses his plans for his 4 Week Vacation™. 
  • John discusses the book that he is writing, Profit First for Microgyms.
  • John explains his free Five Day Cash Challenge resource.

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