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Aug 18, 2022

How’s the culture in your business? It’s a precious and vital asset, and it’s your job, as the owner, to grow, nurture, and protect your culture. Today we are taking a closer look at how you can protect your culture so you can become an employer of choice for the A-players you want to attract to your team. Join me now to learn more!

When it comes to A-players, your business culture matters MUCH more than the pay you offer them. It just makes sense to get it right! There is one major threat to the culture of your business, and we’re discussing it in today’s episode.

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.


Show Highlights:

  • Watch out for this #1 threat to the culture of your business: tolerating team members who are disengaged
  • Why you cannot delay in coaching disengaged team members–and possibly letting them go if they are uncoachable
  • How to use an investment mindset when it comes to hiring and training team members (Are your team members an investment or an expense?)
  • How the cost of employee disengagement adds up in big ways that bleed profit from your business
  • The statistics that prove the ugly facts: Only 29% of employees are fully engaged!
  • How a system like How to Hire the Best can help you attract A-players and make you less likely to tolerate disengaged team members
  • How our tool, the Engagement Matrix, can help you inventory your team members and see where you are losing money by using four quadrants, or categories of employees
  • Why making changes and improvements to your business culture usually mean some degree of employee turnover will occur
  • How to begin coaching conversations with a disengaged employee who previously engaged and effective
  • How to decide whether or not someone is a coachable team member who can be re-engaged (Our Coach Approach course can help!)
  • Why disengaged and ineffective team members are draining your business and must be let go
  • The truth about what a happy and engaged team member is really worth to your business
  • Immediate actions that you can take TODAY to protect your business culture


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