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Jan 10, 2019

Today Dr. Sabrina is answering a question from Heidi Adams, one of our listeners in rural Wyoming. Heidi’s business has been growing faster than she expected and she needs a process for hiring.  

Heidi is not alone! In fact, most small business owners typically don't have a system for hiring. So when it's time to hire someone, you write a quick job description, think of some interview questions and hope the right person shows up. Usually they don’t!  On the show today, Dr. Sabrina shares a system for attracting A-Players AND a system for hiring that will ensures you hire A-players and not just warm bodies!

Show Highlights:

  • Clarify your immutable laws or your core values because those drive the culture of your business.
  • The first few team members you hire are going to be key to the culture of your business.
  • Dr. Sabrina goes in-depth into figuring out your immutable laws in her free masterclass, which is available at
  • A quick way pointer to your core values, which will lead you to discover your immutable laws.
  • There are two systems that you will need to put in place in your business- the first is an employee attraction system, and the second is a system for hiring.
  • What you need to think about to attract the best employees to your business.
  • Identifying what you really need the person to do for you.
  • You're looking for someone with the personality traits to be successful in the required role, with core values that align with your own.
  • How being in a rural area becomes an advantage for attracting A-players to a team.
  • A-players hang together.
  • Describing the specific kind of person you're looking for.
  • A-players aren't usually looking for work.
  • Places to start networking when looking for A-players.
  • You need to think one or two years ahead, in the hiring process for your business, so Dr. Sabrina gives Heidi some tips for doing this.
  • It's wise today, with employment rates so low, to make it easy for people to apply to your business, and then to put filters in place.
  • The threat of a reference check should be one of the first filters that are put in place.
  • How the threat of a reference check can help you, as a future employer.
  • Dr. Sabrina recommends the book Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street, for a robust, laid-out interview processes.
  • The interview process, as outlined in the book, Who.
  • Some questions to ask in the screening interview.
  • You're looking for patterns in the interview process.
  • The Topgrading interview is more in-depth than the screening interview. It's ideal to have someone to interview with you for this one, to watch for the non-verbal signals while you ask the questions. You can also confer together, after the interview.
  • The value and power of taking interviewees back in time during an interview.
  • You want people on your team who are coachable.
  • Doing the reference checks.
  • Some things to listen for during an interview.
  • The scorecard is really key in the hiring process.
  • Why Dr. Sabrina recommends laying out your whole interview process ahead of time.
  • Some important things to bear in mind, and to do, when making an offer to an A-player.


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Books mentioned: Topgrading by Brad Smart and Geoff Smart

                             Who by Geoff Smart and Randy Street