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Oct 14, 2021

The key to taking our life back from our business is to have a team of A-players, and one of the greatest challenges that we entrepreneurs experience is finding the A-players that are right for our team and that we can trust, especially while we’re away from our business.

In Part One of this series, Dr. Sabrina discussed the psychology of A-players, team members who are known to be resourceful and motivated and who believe in your vision. 

In today’s episode, Dr. Sabrina reveals the three simple steps you can take now to attract A-players to your team so that you can move your business in the direction of not having to rely on you.

This content is based on Dr. Sabrina’s book, How to Hire the Best: The Entrepreneur's Ultimate Guide to Attracting Top-Performing Team Members, and is a companion book to her newly-released book, The 4 Week Vacation, which is now available on Amazon!

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

Show Highlights:

  • If you missed Part One of this series, you can listen to it here!
  • Dr. Sabrina details the three simple steps to attract A-players to your team:
    • Know your vision and know the sweet spot of your business before you hire.
    • Define what an A-player looks like in the role for which you need them.
    • Become an employer of choice.
  • The most important quality of an A-player is resourcefulness.
  • Immutable laws are your core values - how you show up and do life.
  • Here are two key questions to help you identify your core values:
    • What has ticked you off lately?
    • What has made you proud lately?
  • Caution: Immutable laws are different than aspirational values.
  • What is the most important result you need from your team member? How does it relate to the sweet spot in the business? How does it drive profitability in the business? What personality strengths are needed to deliver this one result exceptionally well, day in and day out?
  • Build a company culture that is so attractive to A-players that they can’t resist wanting to work for you!
  • Are you ready to become an employer of choice? Check out our 5-week How to Hire the Best course, which teaches small business owners like you how to use a recruitment and hiring system that attracts the A-players and aligns with A-player psychology.
  • Dr. Sabrina’s tips for working towards becoming that employer of choice for the A-players that you want on your team.
  • What you can expect from being a great place to work.


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