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Oct 4, 2018

On today’s Profit By Design, we are excited to have Chad Hatfield, owner of Chad Hatfield Builders and Remodelers in Plano, Tx. Chad and his team have won many awards, and recently won 6 ARC awards from the Dallas Builders Association. Even though Chad’s company has endured its share of setbacks, it continues to do stellar work. Chad, Mike and I have a candid conversation about overcoming problems in your company by incorporating the right screening, onboarding, and evaluation processes.


Show Highlights

  • Chad tells about setbacks, from morale to the bottom line, he had when team members quit unexpectedly.
  • Chad discusses the worst thing that’s happened to his business including having the wrong people on the bus, not recognizing that fast enough, and allowing them to poison aspects of the business and his life.
  • Chad shares how he screens new employees, what he looks for when vetting, and cues that help him make a hiring decision. 
  • Know exactly what you’re hiring a person to do and have a written job description.
  • Have a hiring system before interviewing someone.
  • Know how you will evaluate someone in a particular position before hiring.
  • If asking questions to someone in a job interview makes them uncomfortable, then question why they’re uncomfortable and whether they are the right person.
  • Chad discusses how many small business owners perform many tasks and often wait until the very last minute to hire someone.
  • Dr. Sabrina suggests slowing down and taking your time hiring someone.
  • Onboard new employees in an intentional way.
  • Chad shares how to continue accountability after 30, 60, or  even 90 days.
  • Chad discusses how employees need to know how they are being successful or where they need to improve.
  • Chad gives great advice to business owners who find themselves in difficult situations.
  • Chad stresses the importance of business owners having good mentors and friends to call on when needed.
  • Mike discusses the importance for business owners to reset their mindsets.
  • Sabrina shares why she is passionate about creating great places to work.


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