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Aug 8, 2019

From $140,000 in debt to living debt-free, and enjoying freedom. This is Vincent’s story.  Vincent Pugliese was an award-winning photographer who believed the idea that if we work hard, we will be successful. It took a painful lesson to push him towards independence from his employer, and that’s a decision that forever changed the course of his life. 

As Dr. Sabrina interviews Vincent, he walks us through the difficult times and enlightens us about the curiosity we need to have to ask the powerful questions that can alter the course of our lives. There’s a big difference between those who do and those who don’t.  Listen in to find out his meaning of, “If we can’t join them, we’ll beat them!’, how Vincent decided to go into business for himself, and how time freedom can lead to making even more money.

Vincent Pugliese is the owner and founder of Total Life Freedom, an exclusive, intimate mastermind of generous entrepreneurs and freelancers building a life of money, time and location freedom. Vincent’s book, Freelance to Freedom, was published in 2018. Vincent is the host of the podcast, Total Life Freedom. He also does keynote speaking and live 1-Day Masterminds throughout the United States. Vincent and his wife Elizabeth homeschool their three sons, often traveling for months at a time to explore, learn and connect.


Show Highlights:

  • Determining your freedoms: money, time, location?
  • Be curious enough to ask questions.
  • Brainstorming questions can be more powerful than brainstorming solutions.
  • Once you start looking around, you will find opportunities that you can make work.
  • The importance of building a network and surrounding yourself with people who have similar mindsets.
  • The unrealistic pressure to know what you want to do with your life as an 18-year old.
  • “It’s just the way it is” is a red flag and needs to be questioned.
  • Gaining momentum and continuing on the path to success.
  • The 5 Stages in Freelance to Freedom
  1. Escaping The Seeds of Discontent
  2. Building Your Side Business & Making It Profitable
  3. Optimizing Your Time 
  4. A Life of Freedom
  5. Success Brings Success & Helping Others Learn Success

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