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Aug 24, 2023

 We LOVE to honor business owners who are committed and dedicated to the mission of becoming a great place to work. To be honored with a Great Place to Work Spotlight, a business owner must complete our How to Hire the Best course and use that training to become a good leader and an employer of choice in their field. They learn strategies that focus significant attention on creating workplaces where A-players want to work. Today’s spotlight shines on Michael Watts of Bel Air Construction. I believe his story will inspire you with what’s possible and help you know that you can take similar small steps forward with intention and strategy. Join us for Michael’s story!

Michael Watts is the owner of Bel Air Construction, and he’s the fourth generation of construction workers in the Watts family, dating back over 100 years. Michael loves what he does, and at age 65, he says he has “the energy of a four-year-old and the endurance of a marathon runner.” At Bel Air Construction (BAC), they do much more than renovate homes because they transform the lives of families by improving their spaces. Michael has personally met with over 80,000 people to discuss their home transformations. We have a lot to learn from Michael!


Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production.


Show Highlights:

  • How BAC found themselves in serious trouble as a business in 2017, being over $1 million in debt

  • How Michael turned to new strategies and a new focus on building leaders through learning from experts

  • Michael’s words of wisdom about a “Go big or go home” mentality

  • What Michael identifies as his favorite core values at BAC

  • How to best handle mistakes with accountability and learning

  • Michael’s key lessons learned from his many years in business

  • Why it’s difficult for driven business owners to ask for help and tap into expert advice

  • Why Michael signed up for the How to Hire the Best course and what he has learned

  • An example of a powerful question to ask in hiring team members

  • What Michael identifies as key strengths and qualities to look for in hiring

  • What BAC is doing to make it a great place to work for A-players

  • How Michael is creating a sustainable business with job security for his team

  • What surprised Michael the most about the How to Hire the Best course

  • How BAC is different than its competitors in the construction industry

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