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Aug 3, 2023

We can always learn a lot from experts, and we have packed a bunch of them into this episode! We have compiled tips from leading experts about taking a 4 week vacation®️. You’ll hear a summary of key elements to put into place with tips that are amazingly simple to execute. Just think–next summer could be the time for YOUR 4 week vacation®️ if you start planning now to make it happen! You could step away from your business for an extended time and know that your team is well-trained to keep things moving and trending in the right direction. Make the 4 Week Vacation Pledge today and start the planning process!


Get ready to learn from entrepreneurial thought leaders and real-life entrepreneurs as they share valuable tips, tools, and strategies to make intentional, profitable, and sustainable business decisions.


Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production.


Show Highlights:

  • From David Jenyns, author of Systemology: “Get your team involved in building your systems to extract yourself from the process.” 

  • From Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First: “The most important thing about a 4 week vacation®️ is that the business gets a vacation from YOU!”

  • From John Jantsch, founder of Duct Tape Marketing: “Replace yourself with processes in your business, and your business will run without you.” 

  • From Corey Kupfer, author of Authentic Negotiating: “Make a mindset shift and use the mantra, ‘You are not that important.’” 

  • From Donna Leyens, founder of Pumpkin Plan Your Biz: “Work on your repeatable systems and test them. Make yourself replaceable, and enjoy your 4 week vacation®️!”

  • From Dov Baron, founder of “Turn off the bloody phone. Do something that brings you joy and tap into the essential child who lives inside you.”

  • From Erin Longmoon, founder and CEO of Zephyr Recruiting: “Build a team of A-players that you can trust to run the show while you go to Bali.”

  • From John K. Bates, founder of Executive Speaking Success: “Listen to Dr. Sabrina, put that date in your calendar, and make it happen. Your business will be vastly better and vastly unbreakable.”

  • From Kim Ades, president/founder of Frame of Mind Coaching: “Make the decision to take a 4 week vacation®️. Make a list of all the reasons you feel uncomfortable, address each of those beliefs, and pack your bags.”

  • From Lisa Mallis, founder of Impactive Strategies: “Why do I want to take a 4 week vacation®️? Because my brain needs a break; I’m not gonna lie. I just need time to unplug and be away.”

  • From Ramon Ray, founder of Smart Hustle: “Be very clear about the systems and processes that run your business. Make sure you have the right team that can run those systems and processes for you while you are away. Do these two things–and you’ll be taking a 4 week vacation®️.”

  • From Tina Smith, founder of Creative LLC: “Schedule it. Things will go wrong, but you have to schedule it. Put your 4 week vacation®️ on your calendar.”

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