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Mar 23, 2023

Are you struggling to get everything done? A common problem for most business owners is finding time for the things that matter most in their lives. It’s a problem that only seems to grow bigger and bigger as the business grows. The time is NOW for you to take control of your time and your life, and I’m sharing key time management strategies in today’s show. Join us to learn more!


I’m joined by one of the people who helped me wrangle my time management problems and come out on top. Melissa Swire is the Lead Strategist at Tap the Potential, and she’s here to discuss how we can design sustainably profitable businesses with more time for what matters most. She is a master at helping our clients figure out their time management challenges, and she is sharing her wisdom and practical tips with us today. Let us help you build a business that supports your life!


Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production.


Show Highlights:

  • Why entrepreneurs fall into the trap of “putting work before life”

  • Why time management is essentially a mindset that affects every aspect of your life

  • How Tap the Potential Strategic Planner can help you with time management (It’s a FREE download! Get yours today!)

  • How time management WILL improve your productivity and profitability

  • Examples of powerful questions to ask about your time

  • How a weekly list of intentions, priorities, and goals (included in the Planner!) can streamline your tasks and help you delegate

  • How end-of-day reflection helps you prioritize and prepare for the next day

  • Simple strategies for “calendaring” and setting hard boundaries for work

  • How buffers in your calendar help you prioritize the most important task: self-care

  • Why Melissa recommends batching your tasks like meetings and projects–and making time for an end-of-the-week time audit

  • How to set tight deadlines to get MORE work done in a shorter period of time–and work in your sweet spot

  • Favorite features included in the Planner

  • How a Take Your Time Back Strategy Session with Melissa can help you get started in better time management (Visit our Website to book a call today!)

  • How our Mighty Networks group helps us have relevant conversations with our podcast listeners (Join our Group today!)

  • How our collaborative community offers support and resources

  • What’s coming in our next Breakthroughs Retreat in March 2024

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“A lot of entrepreneurs have the ‘people-pleasing disease’. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get an executive assistant who is the ‘bouncer’ for your calendar. This creates a buffer that helps you keep important boundaries.”