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Dec 22, 2022

Today’s show continues with Part 2 of our Strategic Planning Series, an annual tradition normally reserved for our Tap the Potential clients. We are thrilled to gift it to you, our podcast listeners. Visit to download the workbook that accompanies this series. 

As entrepreneurs, we often fail to take the time and create the space for reflection on the past and designing for the future. That’s what this series is all about, and the holiday season is the perfect time to make it happen! I encourage you to pause, take inventory of your well-being, and check in on the strength of your business with our Better Business Better Life Assessment. You’ll get immediate feedback and immediate help to improve your quality of life!

In today’s show, I’m taking you through the Gift to Yourself exercise, which was shared with me by one of my very first coaches, Lisa Kramer. I’ve done this exercise annually for 18 years, and I believe it’s one of the greatest gifts I can share with you. Take the time to do the exercise for yourself! Download your copy of the Strategic Planning Workbook and find it on page 7.

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production.

Show Highlights:

 Step 1: The Gift to Yourself Exercise

  • Use the Wheel of Life (p. 9 in the Strategic Planning Workbook) to identify areas of your life and for each area, list your wins, successes, and breakthroughs for 2022.
  • List your losses, disappointments, and breakdowns for each area. 

Step 2:  (This is the fun part!):

  • Write out the wins, successes, and breakthroughs that you want to experience in 2023. Be specific and write them as if they have already happened. 
  • If you did the exercise last year, compare the lists; acknowledge any gaps and, give yourself space to move forward in the coming year with a realistic timeline. 

Step 3:

  • Go through each area on the Wheel of Life and rate your current level of fulfillment; shading in those ratings gives a visual of the current experience of your life.
  • Focus on self-care (sleep, exercise, eating habits, and “energies”) and pick one area of life in which to make changes; you will begin to see improvements in the other areas, as well.
  • One powerful question to use as an inquiry: “Assuming you have all the courage you need, what action could you take that would have the greatest impact on your life?”
  • The irony of it all: “If we want healthier and stronger businesses, they need to play a smaller role in our lives.”
  • Examples of simple steps forward that you can take right now to help you and your team members

Links and Resources:

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