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Oct 6, 2022

How would you describe your business culture right now? Is it working to attract the right A-players who are a good fit for your team? 

It is a truly uncomfortable feeling when you have invested the time and energy into hiring someone and later realize that their core values don’t match up with the core values of your business. You have the opportunity to claim your immutable laws, make those the seeds of your business culture, and build a team with common values. You can turn your business into the place that A-players want to join. 

In today’s show, I’ll walk you through ways to identify your core values and turn those into your immutable laws. Taking these steps will set the foundation for your business culture. I can help! Join me for a closer look at how to create the right culture in your business!


Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

Show Highlights:


  • The difference between core values and aspirational values
  • How to identify your core values by asking: “What has made me proud lately? What has ticked me off lately?”


  • Examples of some of our immutable laws at Tap the Potential


  • How to pinpoint problems in systems when mistakes are made instead of blaming someone


  • The value in sharing stories with team members to emphasize your immutable laws and create your culture


  • How your immutable laws help reveal those team members who are–and are not–a good fit


  • The How to Hire the Best course teaches you how to use your immutable laws as a screening filter at every stage of your hiring process.


  • Why it is important to attract clients and customers who are in alignment with your immutable laws

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