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Sep 29, 2022

Joining Dr. Sabrina today is Ean Price Murphy, the newest business owner being featured in our Great Place to Work Spotlight. Ean is the founder of Moxie Bookkeeping, where they teach successful entrepreneurs a dead simple cash management system that works with their natural habits so they don’t have to learn accounting to become permanently profitable. They allow business owners to focus on impact rather than spreadsheets. Ean is a fellow certified Profit First Professional–Mastery Level, Xero Platinum Partner, Quickbooks Pro Advisor, and Certified Business Coach. 


Living on the cutting edge, Ean is not your typical bookkeeper. She relishes what makes her and Moxie Bookkeeping unique, and she knows what makes Moxie a great place in attracting A-players and retaining her great team. Ean shares with openness and honesty the hard lessons she has learned, along with the best practices that are bringing success. Join us to learn more from Ean!

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

Show Highlights:


  • What makes Moxie Bookkeeping unique and very different


  • What it means to a client to experience the values of integrity, communication, and collaboration


  • A big lesson learned by Ean about allowing her team to protect her from herself


  • What a bookkeeper is and what they do—and what they DON’T do


  • What it takes to make a successful relationship between business owners and their bookkeeper and who the ideal clients are for Moxie Bookkeeping


  • How Profit First helps business owners in terms of their sales targets and their trending bank balance


  • How to figure out if you can afford to hire another team member


  • What Ean is doing to create a Great Place to Work for her A-players


  • How A-players are learning and growing with professional development (and Book Club!) at Moxie 



  • Why Moxie is going through the “best kind of dip in retention” by getting rid of B-players who are “good enough” but not going to the next level


  • Why Ean wants to help her A-players get where they want to go, whether it means they stay with Moxie or not


  • An overview of the personality strengths Ean looks for in hiring A-players

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