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Jun 23, 2022

Many Profit Designers like you are struggling to hire, grow, and retain their best team members. You are not alone! Business owners are in a desperate state to hire the quality help that they need. The COVID pandemic has plunged us into a never-ending cycle of business owners having to step in and do more because of the depleted team—and increased customer dissatisfaction due to the level of service they are receiving. Can you resonate? Let me help! Solving this problem for small business owners has been my primary focus for many years. Let’s talk about solutions to help your business and your life!


You CAN hire A-players and build a quality team for your business. Don’t be like I once was: buying into the limiting mindset and making excuses for why I couldn’t hire A-players. I’ve done the research and discovered the characteristics of A-players that align with a business owner’s core values. Join me now for more!


Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

Show Highlights:


  • Hear my story of how hiring A-players became my focus!
  • Characteristics of A-players: what they see, what they want, and the common thread that draws them to the team
  • How I wrote the How to Hire the Best series, three books on the same topic to focus on what’s working–a clear guide to finding success as a small business owner
  • The facts: 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs have NO system in place to attract A-players!
  • Why there are huge gaps in the areas of on-boarding and team development
  • Why there are subtle ways that having “warm bodies” on our team instead of A-players is costing business owners in BIG ways
  • Why getting warm bodies off your team and replacing them with A-players mean fewer team members and lower payroll costs
  • Exciting new episodes about hiring solutions are coming up as we celebrate our 200th episode!
  • How are your limiting beliefs preventing you from hiring the BEST? Join us for the upcoming Livenar and our next How to Hire the Best course


Links and Resources:

Make your business more attractive to A-players by doing things differently! Join us for an upcoming Livenar to learn what small business owners need to know RIGHT NOW to hire the best!


Download our Workbook and take our Better Business Better Life Assessment.


Learn more about the next How to Hire the Best course. Do BIG work on developing your culture by taking small steps over five weeks–and have a chance to be featured in our “Great Places to Work” spotlight!


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