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Jun 16, 2022

Andrew Tvardzik of Cedar Ridge Log Homes has just graduated from Tap the Potential’s Better Business Better Life program, and we are celebrating with him! We are excited about what Andrew has accomplished since his new journey began in 2018.

Running a family company presents many unique challenges and requires deeper-level work to promote growth and development. Besides increasing overall profitability and being able to take four-week vacations, Andrew has seen revenue growth of 5x! Andrew’s story is an opportunity for much learning for other business owners. 

Join us to hear Andrew’s story of niching down, implementing and improving systems, and building a team of A-players who love what they do!

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

Show Highlights:


  • What Andrew’s business was like back in 2018, when he and his dad were trying to find their place in the construction world
  • Andrew’s moment of clarity–when everything began to change for the better
  • How Andrew stepped into a new location, new niche, and new business after coming through a very dark place
  • What it meant for Andrew to shift his thinking, build his team, and figure out exactly who they are at Cedar Ridge Log Homes
  • Unique challenges in running a family business and figuring out who needs to “sit in each seat” 
  • How it makes a big difference to have A-players operating in their sweet spots
  • How Andrew learned to empower his team and let go of the “I have to do it myself” mentality through implementing systems
  • Why mistakes are learning opportunities to improve the system–and not personal attacks on anyone
  • What Andrew has learned about sales and products that Cedar Ridge delivers outside his personal skill set
  • How Andrew and his company were able to stay afloat during the COVID pandemic, a blessing in disguise
  • How Andrew is using the Better Business Better Life principles and Tap the Potential resources to create a healthier and happier life for himself and his family
  • How being highly coachable and creating a supportive community makes the difference in creating a business that gives your life back to you as a business owner
  • Andrew’s insights about who is a good fit for the Better Business Better Life program

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