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Jan 17, 2019

How do you select a business coach? This is a great question for all business owners! It is not an easy task but there are best practices and things to look out for in choosing the right coach. Once you find the right coach, it’s important to understand what they will do for your business. 

Back from a 4-week vacation, our host Dr. Sabrina joins us today to discuss what you absolutely need to be aware of in the coaching industry. We will also hear how to be a great client when you have a business coach. Having an ongoing coach is very important as they can help you with overcome your worst tendencies. Listen in today and discover the difference between mentors, coaches, and consultants.

Show Highlights:

  • Difference between a mentor, coach and consultant and their definitions
  • What we want to avoid with business, blind spots
  • An analogy Dr. Sabrina shares with her trainees 
  • Something Dr. Sabrina personally struggles with
  • Programs and systems and why they are important when you choose a coach
  • Always look at the list of clients and see if they resemble your business
  • Check that coaches have specific results
  • ICF and gold standard in coaching
  • What goes into being a great coaching client
  • The Pumpkin Plan – listen to episode 6 if you have not yet
  • Dr. Sabrina is master certified with a system, Profit first
  • How to hire the best system program
  • Feedback Dr. Sabrina received from a survey of frustrating coach stories
  • A thing Dr. Sabrina has struggled with in the last year
  • What makes coaching effective
  • What does it mean to be coachable


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