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Mar 3, 2022

We love working with business owners who are dedicated to creating “Great Places to Work.” They are committed to creating opportunities for their team members and giving back to their communities. Today’s spotlight shines on a living, breathing example of that commitment!

Blake Moore began working in the family lawn fertilizer business when he was 11 years old. While he enjoyed working outside and being with friends and family, he wasn’t sure lawn care was his future. While pursuing an accounting degree in college, he entered the horticulture program and found his passion. 

At age 32, with his wife expecting their third child, he left the family business and began his own venture. Since that time, Blake has gone from a “solopreneur” who wore all the hats to a business leader who strives to find opportunities for the team members to grow and develop. Through teaching and coaching team members, Blake has found an unexpected joy in business. 

Losing his wife to cancer, Blake became a widower, which helped him realize that work supports life and not the other way around. Blake has since remarried, is happier than ever, and is proud of his combined family of eight children. He has served as a board member of the Utah Pest Control and Lawn Care Association for more than twenty years, actively serves in church callings and loves to travel with his wife. 

Join us to learn why Moore Green is a great place to work!

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group. 


Show Highlights:

  • Finding the time to run a business, live life to the fullest, and focus on creating relationships with customers
  • How growing pains come when you can’t continue to “do it all” and have to build a team
  • Why you need “A” players who value the customer relationship as much as you do
  • The importance of sticking to your non-negotiables in hiring standards
  • Need help in identifying your non-negotiables? Check out the free download, How to Hire the Best.
  • What Blake has learned from the How to Hire the Best course about creating a great place to work
  • What employees really want: perks, incentives, bonuses, and experiences–and Comic-Con tickets!
  • What it takes to get to know your team members and connect on a personal level
  • What Blake has learned from the Coach Approach course about coaching skills, asking powerful questions, and growing problem-solving skills
  • Finding time to focus on other tasks that Blake calls “presidential work”
  • What Blake looks for in “A players” for Moore Green: good relationships and interactions, a heart of service, integrity, and quality
  • How Blake is developing good leaders by sending “A players” to Leadership Bootcamp, which is very unusual in the lawn care industry
  • Why past thinking can hold you back, but trained leaders can bring innovative thinking to your team
  • Blake’s words of wisdom and encouragement to those who may be where he was a few years ago
  • How Blake finds support, encouragement, and brotherhood through a network of business owners


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