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Jan 3, 2019

The guest on today's episode of the Profit by Design is Dr. Christine Allen, a Workplace Psychologist and Executive Coach. Dr. Chris and Dr. Sabrina discuss what small business owners need to know about using psychological assessments effectively in the hiring process. When used properly, psychological assessments dramatically increase chances of hiring right. Yet, there are pitfalls that come up with psychological testing that small business owners should be aware of. 


Dr. Christine Allen is a board-certified coach, a distinguished fellow of the New York State Psychological Association, past president of the New York State Psychological Association-Division for Organizational Consulting and Work Psychology, and she's co-chair of the Leadership Institute for the New York State Psychological Association. She's also an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Dr. Allen has been providing executive coaching, team building, talent selection and assessment, and other training to senior leaders since 2009. As a result of Dr. Allen's twenty years of experience as a clinical psychologist, she's is an excellent listener and she quickly grasps the underlying issues with which individuals and teams struggle. As a licensed psychologist, she is particularly skilled in using assessments for hiring and selection. 


Show Highlights:


  • Dr. Chris shares some of her background with us and she talks about how she came to be working with personality assessments.
  • Why Dr. Chris chose to work in the area that she does.
  • What a 'bad hire', using the traditional hiring process without the use of assessments, could end up costing you in the long term.
  • According to the Harvard Business Review, 80% of employee turnover is caused by bad hires. 
  • The leading cause of failure for executives and leaders is a poor cultural fit in the organization and personality problems like selfishness and narcissism.
  • Destructive personality traits that could come up with people in leadership roles.
  • Some of the ways that narcissists tend to behave when placed in leadership positions.
  • The benefits of using psychological assessments during the hiring process.
  • Using psychological assessments in combination with the strategies of a recruiting process can add about 40% to your odds of hiring the right person.
  • The assessments that Dr. Chris’ organization has to offer can do a lot more than just screening someone during the hiring process. They can provide essential information that allows for the ongoing development of the individual throughout their life with the organization.
  • These assessments supply valuable information that allow employees to be more effective, productive, and successful in the workplace.
  • The most effective way to use assessments in the hiring process. 
  • Some common mistakes that business owners tend to make with assessments.


  • Dr. Chris prefers to use a few tools that look at both emotional intelligence and personality.
  • Looking for people's patterns when doing their assessments.
  • The different kinds of pre-hire and post-hire assessment tools. 
  • How personality makes a difference in job performance.
  • Checking the validity of the personality assessment you intend to use.
  • Some of the assessments and tools that Dr. Chris recommends that are normative, EEOC compliant, and should be used pre-hire. 
  • Looking at people's values and what they want to get out of work, to ensure that they will be happy and a good fit for the workplace culture.
  • Dr. Chris explains how business owners can find the right consultant to assist them with the personality assessment process.
  • The way that interviews work, with the support of a consultant.
  • Paradigm Personality Labs have consultants all around the world who are certified in The Workplace Big Five.
  • Dr. Chris talks about what you will find in her newsletter. 


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Christine's recommended assessments that are normative, EEOC compliant, and should be used pre-hire:


- Hogan Workplace Big Five and The Hogan Values Assessment 

- Paradigm Personality Labs

- The Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQI 2.0)

- Daniel Goleman's tool (ESBI)

- The CPI 260 (A coaching report for leaders)




The Leadership Challenge and The Leadership Practices Inventory by Kouzes and Posner