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Dec 27, 2018

Dr. Sabrina is getting ready to leave for her 4 Week Vacation! She's been preparing since early March, and systemizing her business to run without her for the next four weeks. This means that her it will have to go through a complete business cycle without her being around. In today's episode, Dr. Sabrina shares the things she learned while getting her business ready for her to confidently take her 4 Week Vacation.


Quite a number of Dr. Sabrina's clients are actively working on taking a 4 Week Vacation in response to the 4 Week Vacation Challenge she issued at her retreat back in March. Dr. Sabrina is writing a book, The 4 Week Vacation, and documenting their experiences, from the time they commit to taking the 4 Week Vacation, to the time they made it happen. So today, on the show, Dr. Sabrina will also be talking to us about what she has been learning from these business owners. 


Show highlights:


  • The most important thing about a 4 Week Vacation.
  • A little question in the back of her head that has helped Dr. Sabrina to get more systems and training in place than she would have had, had she not committed to taking a 4 Week Vacation.
  • A whole different way of thinking about how things get done in the business.
  • We are all about creating sustainable businesses.
  • Dr. Sabrina is automating her pipeline system.
  • Her business is in a much stronger place at the end of 2018 than it was at the beginning of 2018.
  • There are two coaches training to facilitate groups in her absence.
  • The thoughtful way in which Dr. Sabrina picked her 4 Week Vacation dates. 
  • Dr. Sabrina chose not to go away during the height of a busy season. 
  • How you can set up and run "vacation tests".
  • Dr. Sabrina is a strong believer that we all need the space to turn things off for a while and relax and unwind. So Dr. Sabrina and the team will not be available between Christmas and New Year. 
  • Dr. Sabrina intends doing a six-week vacation later in the year!
  • 4 Week Vacations don't always go perfectly.
  • What Dr. Sabrina intends doing on her 4 Week Vacation.
  • It's important to look at how things are set up for the team for when you're away, to avoid the possibility of causing anyone stress.
  • How to know your business is ready for you to start working on a 4 Week Vacation.
  • Some things that are critical for you to put in place for your business to be able to sustain a 4 Week Vacation.
  • A tool called Our Roadmap to Creating A Highly Profitable Great Place To Work.
  • Why you have to have a clear 'sweet spot' in your business.
  • Putting systems in place to support your sweet spot is very important.
  • Putting a full implementation of a full Profit First system will indicate that your business is ready for you to take a four-week vacation.
  • How to select the best members for your team.
  • You need to delegate decision making to your team members to build your confidence in them, and theirs in themselves.
  • Having key performance indicators in place in your business.
  • Why you really have to learn to get out of your own way.
  • About Dr. Sabrina's Four-Week Vacation Jump Start Video Guide.


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Book mentioned: Lingo by Jeffrey Shaw