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Nov 29, 2018

Wouldn’t it be nice to be a part of a working team that feels like family? On today’s Profit by Design Podcast, Dr. Sabrina speaks with Chuck Parmely and Scott Mason of Overhead Door Co. of Riverton / Lander. For Chuck and Scott, it’s not only about having employees feel like family - they are also creating a great place to work.


According to Gallup, 87% of employees are unengaged or actively disengaged. 92.31% of Chuck and Scott’s employees are highly engaged currently, that is phenomenal! Tune in to today’s show to discover what really goes into creating a great place to work, and what it is like to be a business owner who knows your work culture is not the culture you want it to be but you’re not sure quite how to go about getting to that great place to work.


Chuck moved to Riverton to run the Overhead Door Co. of Riverton / Lander in 1979 for his Dad. In March of 1998, Chuck and his wife Cynthia became sole owners. They have grown from a one-man shop into a full line glass and door shop with 16 employees, sales of 3.6 million and the best profit ever thanks to Profit First. Scott moved to Wyoming in 2006 from the Bay Area in California with his family. Two weeks later he joined Overhead Door Co. of Riverton / Lander as an Inside Sales Associate. Over the years, with his love for people, their customers, their staff and the business, Scott was promoted to General Manager.  


Show Highlights

  • Chuck gives a glimpse into his mindset in 2009 and how that created an unfriendly atmosphere at work.
  • Dr. Sabrina reads employees survey comments that contrast the change that has taken place at Overhead Door. 
  • Chuck and Scott share their secrets in creating the best environment for their employees
  • Not being judgmental, being curious and learning how to talk to employees with different personality types
  • An example of using judgment and why you should not be judgmental
  • Chuck shares an approach to employees making decisions, not agreeing with it, but being curious instead of judgmental
  • Strengths of Chuck and Scott in the business. How they compliment one another.
  • Pleasing your customers to have them come back again
  • Navigating as a team, transitioning to Scott taking more leadership
  • Advice from Chuck on raising leaders to take over
  • Advice from Scott making it easier to be a leader in the company


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