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Oct 11, 2018

What has your business done for you lately? Is your business running you rather than you running your business? On today’s Profit By Design, Dr. Sabrina Starling hosts a special Ask Dr. Sabrina segment to answer an important question asked by a listener. You’re going to absolutely love this episode because Dr. Sabrina takes time to really dive deeply into answering the all-important question relevant and important to each of you: How do you actually start freeing up your time in your business to work toward that 4 Week Vacation?


Show Highlights

  • Dr. Sabrina discusses interrupting your patterns of behavior so that you can make well-thought-out decisions, rather than making decisions while in a fight or flight mode.
  • It may feel awkward to put your phone down and step away from your business for even an hour, so expect it.
  • Dr. Sabrina suggests it’s easy to just get into “busy mode” and solve problems rather than creating a system to take care of the problem if it should occur again.
  • Remember why you began your business and the lifestyle you wanted to create? Dr. Sabrina says there are questions you need to ask yourself as to why you are not yet reaching your goals, and many are included on Dr. Sabrina’s webinar.
  • What is Context Switching? Context switching deals with how unproductive it is to have multiple projects going simultaneously. Dr. Sabrina describes the process developed by Gerald Weinberg in the early 1990’s, and recently, Todd Herman created a fantastic YouTube video related to it. 
  • If you are working on 3 projects simultaneously, you will experience a 40% loss due to project switching.
  • Context switching can help you realize that your projects are competing and that you really need to focus on the most important project in order to get you the most forward momentum.
  • Dr. Sabrina discusses the $10,000.00 an Hour Webinar and how you take steps to work toward it.
  • What areas of your business can you automate in order to free up your time? Dr. Sabrina suggests taking a long look at this and to put systems in place to automate what you can.


Gerald Weinberg’s book describing Context Switching, Quality Software Management: Systems Thinking

Todd Herman’s YouTube video on Context Switching

10K An Hour Webinar

The 4 Week Vacation™ Program

How to Hire the Best

Tap the Potential website