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Oct 17, 2020

Dr. Sabrina, The Business Psychologist™ is passionate about the overall wellness of entrepreneurs, and their businesses. Her business, Tap the Potential, is hard at work every day making sure that 1.) They practice what they preach, and 2.) Through the Better Business, Better Life program, entrepreneurs are working to elevate their own roles, while engaging team members and building proper systems so that the owner can take back their life—living the mantra, “Work supports life, not the other way around.”

With the release of her next book, The 4 Week Vacation™ (due to release in early March 2021), Dr. Sabrina has one major intention: save entrepreneurs from entrepreneurial burnout. To do this, she’s encouraging all entrepreneurs to be a part of a global research project by taking a free assessment to gauge their risk for burnout. It’s a win-win, as each participant receives the results to identify any weak points to immediately begin making improvements on their business, and their life.

Listen in, and be a part of a movement. Hopefully, you too can take back your life!

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

Show Highlights:

  • The assessment takes about 20 minutes (at the most!) to complete.
  • When you fill it out, you will receive immediate feedback on your own level of entrepreneurial burnout, as well as the areas of your business that you can work on right now to strengthen and to improve not only your business but also your quality of life.
  • You will not only receive value in receiving feedback from your assessment, but you will also receive Dr. Sabrina’s “3 Steps” PDF!
  • The “3 Steps” PDF contains the three steps needed to take your life back from your business. This is Dr. Sabrina’s ‘Thank you!’ for taking the time to complete the assessment.
  • When you complete the assessment, you have the opportunity (but not the obligation!) to debrief it with Darren Hopman, the Tap the Potential Success Team Lead. He can dig in further with you regarding what you’re personally experiencing as an entrepreneur and help you discover what you can do in your business to have a higher quality of life if this is something that is relevant to you.
  • Dr. Sabrina shares some of the preliminary results that she’s seeing in the research.
  • October is “Emotional Health Awareness Month”. Please remember how important self-care is. It’s critical to take time to pause and do atemperature check’ to know how you are doing. Taking Dr. Sabrina’s assessment will help you evaluate your level of burnout. It’s also critical to allow yourself time away from your business.
  • Dr. Sabrina offers suggestions on how to take care of yourself, including her “Veggies First!” philosophy. These are the most important things you can be doing right now to take care of yourself and to help strengthen your business.


Links and Resources:

Taking care of yourself is important now more than ever. Are you ready to take your life back from your business?

The FIRST STEP is taking our Assessment at:

NEXT, meet with our Success Team Lead to debrief your results.

THEN, join our Better Business, Better Life program.

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Profit by Design, a Tap the Potential production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group

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