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Mar 5, 2020

Welcome to this episode of Profit by Design, a Tap the Potential production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group!

Today’s subject is a rather juicy one: personal diet and how it can translate into our business life.

As someone who has long-struggled with eating healthy and setting time aside for exercise, Mike shares how he has come to understand that a healthy lifestyle is more of a mindset than anything, and how fit people have at least one quality in common: resilience. 

What he has discovered is that even fit people fall off the health wagon on occasion, but they shake it off and get right back on without using the slip as an excuse to stay in an unhealthy mentality.

Join Dr. Sabrina and Mike as they share their personal experiences, and Dr. Sabrina lends professional insight into the correlation between personal and business. 

Our habits make or break us. Dr. Sabrina teaches how “all or none” thinking sabotages us, as well as how putting Veggies First is critical to our own health and the health of our business. It’s all about consistency. Strive for consistency over perfection.

Prepare for a few of your own ‘A-ha!’ moments as you listen in!

Show Highlights:

  • Mike draws parallels to how conflict with leading a healthy lifestyle can be similar to how conflict shows up in our business life.
  • Dr. Sabrina illustrates how building good habits apply to both our personal life as well as our business life.
  • We cannot ignore issues that come up in our business. They must be addressed and it doesn’t have to be “all or none”. We can continue our progress forward while working on a solution.
  • Managing our stress level more effectively as entrepreneurs help us to think more from a growth mindset.
  • Dr. Sabrina addresses the difference in success and failure mindsets and cautions us to be careful about what we tell ourselves.
  • Here’s a helpful trick in using the word, ‘yet’!
  • Not taking care of ourselves can lead to unrealistic expectations about what we can physically endure. The mental stress that we experience takes a physical toll.
  • Dr. Sabrina enumerates the health consequences of constant cortisol running through our bodies.
  • “Veggies First” - What are the good things you’re going to do today to help sustain yourself? What are you doing today to make your business stronger? 
  • Suggestions on things we can do to sustain our business and make it stronger.
  • Take the Entrepreneurial Burnout Assessment! You will learn if your business is putting you at risk for burnout, and help Dr. Sabrina with research for the 4 Week Vacation book that is publishing at the end of this year.

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Profit by Design, a Tap the Potential production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group

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