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Jan 2, 2020

Welcome back to Dr. Sabrina’s end-of-year strategic planning series!

This episode is all about your life! At Tap the Potential,  we believe work supports life and not the other way around. 

Going into 2020 we need to be strategic about our life and how we set our business up to support the lifestyle that we want to have.

What has your business done for you lately?


Go ahead and grab a notebook or journal and a pen, and be sure to write your answers down.


Show Highlights:

  • Dr. Sabrina invites you to download the Wheel of Life tool to use during this episode and explains the concept behind it.
  • How are you growing yourself as a person? 
  • Completing the old process - this is an exercise shared by Dr. Sabrina from her first coach, Lisa Kramer.
  • This gift-to-yourself is a powerful end-of-year exercise ritual that Dr. Sabrina has participated in for about 15 years.  
  • Step 1: Look at all the different areas of your life that are reflected on the Wheel of Life and list out your wins, successes, and breakthroughs during 2019. Conversely, list out your losses, disappointments, and breakdowns in each area of the Wheel of Life.
  • Step 2: Create the new. Write out your list of wins, successes, and breakthroughs that you want to have for 2020. Be very specific and write them as if they’ve already happened. 
  • Step 3: Go through each area on the Wheel and rate your current satisfaction in that area. Lower numbers reflect lower satisfaction, higher numbers reflect higher satisfaction.
  • Step 4: After rating each area of the Wheel, shade in your ratings. This gives you a visual image of your current experience in your life.
  • If we think about the Wheel as a tire on the unicycle of life, if we have areas on our wheel that are not fully inflated, we’ll be in for a bumpy ride on this road of life. If we have low ratings across the Wheel, we’re having to go through life with a deflated tire.
  • Consider picking out one area on the Wheel that you’ll be very intentional about improving in 2020. 
  • What is it in your life that you’ll choose to focus on? Think through the actions that you need to take to increase your satisfaction with that area in your life.
  • Dr. Sabrina discusses high-quality leisure time versus low-quality leisure time.
  • In the book Digital Minimalism, author Cal Newport goes into all the different ways that we become addicted to social media, and the things that happen within social media that feed that addiction.
  • Newport suggests that we get as strategic with our leisure time as we do with the way we plan our businesses.
  • What is it that you’ve wanted more time for in your life in 2020? Start using that time that you intentionally carve out from your business to support your interest in those endeavors.
  • Dr. Sabrina shares a few things that has set herself up for success on her current 4 Week Vacation™:
  • She deleted all of her social media apps from her phone so that she does not have access.
  • She has given thought to the leisure time activities that she wants to be intentional about pursuing.
  • She has committed to being more strategic with her leisure time while on sabbatical.
  • Creating a vision board for 2020 can be a profound activity in terms of insights and ‘A-ha’ moments. Start with old magazines and cut out the pictures that speak to you. Put those images on the vision board. Also, look for pictures that support your vision for 2020. You can design this board any way you wish. The more we hold our vision in front of us, the more likely we are to spot opportunities that will help bring that vision to fruition. 


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