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Nov 21, 2019

If you’ve ever wanted to write a book, you’ll want to listen in as Dr. Sabrina and Mike give the inside scoop of the back-end of the book publication process, sharing an inside peek into what actually goes into writing a book, getting it published, and what you need to know about after it’s published. This is going to be fun!


Dr. Sabrina’s guest today is Paul Brodie, the CEO of Brodie Consulting Group. As a book publisher, he helps coaches, consultants, speakers, and business owners share their story with a proven system. What makes Paul’s books different is his ability to explain complex ideas and strategies in a simple, accessible way that you can implement immediately.


Paul is a lifelong learner and earned an MA in teaching from Louisiana College and a BBA in Management from the University of Texas at Arlington. In his spare time he loves to read and write books, to travel, especially to Maui and Las Vegas, and he’s an avid sports fan. Paul is also a proud Rotarian and a member of the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce.


Show Highlights:


  • Paul shares the compelling story of how he came to be a publisher. 
  • There’s more to writing and publishing a book; you have to market it.
  • When writing, you need to stop overthinking everything. 
  • The book doesn’t have to be huge, but you need at least ten key talking points, especially if the book is a business-type non-fiction.
  • There’s an app where you can speak your book out if you prefer not to write it out. You would need to speak 10-12 minutes of audio for each chapter. 
  • If you can focus on one talking point a day for two weeks, you can crank out a book.
  • The main thing that readers want is something direct and to-the-point. They all want to connect with you.
  • Remember though, that it’s not all about the front-end. The front-end gives you credibility. The back-end makes you money.
  • Writing a book is not about a pitch or a script, it’s about genuinely caring about people. That comes across and you don’t have to be sales-y.
  • Paul discusses the meaningful legacy-type books that he also publishes.
  • Dr. Sabrina and Mike offer insight into writing as a therapeutic process.
  • Paul has written a variety of different books and provides a moving example of a book he wrote that was especially therapeutic for him.
  • “The Imposter Syndrome”
  • For a final proofread of your book, one of the best things you can do is to speak your book out loud or record an audio version so that you can catch any final mistakes. 
  • Paul covers the different forms of publishing, leveraging your services, the investment and recouping your investment.

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