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Oct 24, 2019

It’s LAUNCH DAY for Dr. Sabrina’s new book, How to Hire the Best Contractor’s Edition!!

Listen in as Dr. Sabrina gives Mike Bruno the inside scoop about the inspiration behind the book, how she’s happy to have the writing part behind her now, and how thankful she is to have the Ambassador Group on Facebook to help get the word out.

Don’t miss out as Dr. Sabrina breaks down all the elements of the book that work together to help you transform your business into a highly profitable, great place to work!

Show Highlights:

  • Hiring is the #1 challenge for entrepreneurs.
  • When we keep hiring someone and they don’t work out, we tend to take it personally. It is the hardest part of being an entrepreneur, and Dr. Sabrina’s book series, How to Hire the Best, puts an end to this common difficulty.
  • Another common challenge is the disconnect between business owners who have a genuine heart to create a great place to work, yet have trouble executing on that intention. Through How to Hire the Best, and the coaching delivered at Tap the Potential, Dr. Sabrina and her team are helping business owners align their mindset, intentions and actions to create great workplace cultures. 
  • Over the years, Dr. Sabrina has developed the Tap the Potential Solution to creating highly profitable, great places to work that creates the freedom for business owners to do things like take a 4 Week Vacation™ or pursue other endeavors. The solution works even in the tightest of labor markets. 
  • If we design our business to be sustainable in the tightest of labor markets, we’re effectively designing a business that has the potential to be highly profitable. We will be able to grow regardless of what’s going on with the labor market. 
  • Designing a sustainably profitable business is such an important point that Dr. Sabrina and Mike devote an entire podcast to it -- it’s the “why” behind the Profit by Design Podcast.
  • Dr. Sabrina details the 5 Key Strategies in the Tap the Potential Solution.
  • You want to be the business owner whose team members are out on the street singing your praises.
  • Mike points out that although Dr. Sabrina’s new book may be a Contractor’s Edition, it can help business owners in ANY industry.


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Get Your Pre-Sale Copy Of Dr. Sabrina’s New Book Here!!


If you would like to help entrepreneurs and contractors with their ability to hire the best, Dr. Sabrina invites you to consider being an ambassador for the book launch. She has created a Facebook group, “How to Hire the Best Book Launch Ambassador”. She will equip you with tools to get out and spread the word about the book being available, and give you tools to share with your network around hiring to help entrepreneurs that you know, and also do some fun stuff within the group for the ambassadors. 


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