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Sep 26, 2019

Thinking BIG! That’s what my guest, Geraldine Carter, and I will be talking about on today’s show. We’re having a conversation about where we play small, how to think bigger, and the importance of mindset. Geraldine shares with us her favorite tips for having a more positive growth-oriented mindset, and I share some of mine, as well. Come join us!


Geraldine Carter specializes in coaching CPAs to help them grow their accounting practice. Her podcast, She Thinks Big, supports business owners to think bigger about what is possible while creating new thought patterns that lead to higher levels of profit. Geraldine co-founded a company in 2008 that has gone on to generate millions for sustainability, completed an Ironman in 12 hours, and is an ICF Certified Coach with more than 800 hours of mindfulness training. In her spare time, she rides her mountain bike in her hometown of Missoula, Montana, or runs after her 2 tiny kiddos.


Show Highlights:


  • Geraldine’s favorite tool to share with clients that really helps them grasp the ideas of mindset being at choice is borrowed from Mel Robbins: the “54321” with breath behind it. When you’re feeling annoyed, agitated, upset, stuck, you take 5 breaths, and you count back from 5.
  • Dr. Sabrina’s favorite tool is The Choice Map™ by Dr. Marilee Adams. It’s a visual, and we get to choose whether we want to go down the Learner Path or the Judger Path. If at any time we find ourselves going to the Judger Pit, which is where the Judger Path takes us, we can change our questions to get ourselves on the Learner Path.
  • How mindset plays in to designing your business so that you can reclaim your life.
  • Geraldine explains how to move past an identity crisis in order to fulfill the role that we would like to be creating.
  • Dr. Sabrina discusses where fear comes from, and how the mindsets that are grounded in fear no longer serve us.
  • Same thinking = same results.
  • Where money leaks out of our business because of our mindset:
  • Accounts receivable over 90 days & various examples
  • How to have the awkward conversations
  • Tips for course-correcting boundary issues:
  • self awareness
  • observing the thoughts that go through your head
  • being curious with kindness
  • mindfulness that it’s happening 
  • asking yourself what can you do differently the next time it happens
  • Observing the impact (to yourself and others) of not keeping boundaries can often be a motivator to do things differently next time.
  • How to meld bookkeeping, which, by nature, is historical, and coaching, which is looking forward.
  • Focusing on wins and successes: do more of what works!
  • Learning to systemize what works is where we really start to grow.



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Books Mentioned:


The 5 Second Rule: Transform Your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage, by Mel Robbins


Change Your Questions, Change Your Life: 12 Powerful Tools for Leadership, Coaching, and Life, by Marilee Adams, Ph.D.