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Jul 11, 2019

Do have dysfunction in your business? Are there things in your business that just aren't running smoothly, or in the way they should? If so, today's show might just blow your mind because Mike and Dr. Sabrina are talking systems with Josh Fonger, of Work the System. Mindset is crucial for business owners and entrepreneurs. In today's episode, Josh dispels many of the limiting beliefs that entrepreneurs have about systems. He also explains the concept that dysfunction in business is gold. Tune in now, to find out more.

Plus...Dr. Sabrina is about to take a 6-week vacation. In today’s episode, she shares what she has done in the 6 weeks leading up to her vacation that is making things run more smoothly at Tap the Potential.  

Josh Fonger is a Business Performance Architect and the co-founder of Work The System (WTS). As an international business consultant, coach, and speaker, he has had the unique experience of personally helping thousands of businesses grow systematically, using the WTS method. In a nutshell, he helps entrepreneurs make more and work less, using systems. Listen in today, to hear what Josh has to say about turning your business into a serene, peaceful, money-making machine.

Show Highlights:

  • Josh digs into what the concept that dysfunction is gold really means.
  • Removing the emotional ties and learning to see the business as a separate entity.
  • If you separate yourself from your business it becomes easier to analyze it from an outside and slightly elevated viewpoint.
  • Finger-pointing and blaming in a business is a symptom of systems that need attention.
  • Signs that you need a break from your business.
  • Aligning priorities and the necessary time frame for implementing systems changes in their businesses.
  • The kind of mistakes that people tend to make when they start having cash-flow problems.
  • Transformation takes time.
  • What it takes to make a new system stick.
  • Creating a serene, peaceful, money-making machine, rather than creating chaos.
  • It takes great leadership to implement change.
  • How procedures evolve over time.
  • Understanding your specific area of innovation for your business and using this awareness to guide the detail of your procedures.
  • Josh recommends some places for documenting systems procedures for small businesses, based on the size of your business. 
  • Why simple is better - getting past perfectionism.
  • Josh gives some tips for business owners who are faced with some resistance from their employees towards new systems.
  • Allowing different departments in your business to have different directives.
  • A great way of dealing with employees who are consistently going against the company's principles.
  • Creating a culture around your business strategies.
  • Josh explains how systems in your personal life play into self-care.


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Books mentioned:

The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz

Work the System by Sam Carpenter