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Jul 4, 2019

It can be easy to take business personally, but it’s vital to learn to separate the two. Today Dr. Sabrina, Mike and Erin Longmoon discuss the importance of self-reflection when dealing with employees and hiring. Mike offers his own experiences with hiring. Dr. Sabrina and Erin observe patterns of behavior and emotional reactions in entrepreneurs that look very similar to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. The term “Hiring PTSD” is one to which many entrepreneurs immediately relate. 

More often than not, we tend to act on past experiences, hurts, and can struggle with the disappointment that past employees have brought. As an employer, the emotional experience can be a lot to carry. This episode shares strategies to help you cope with those experiences and use them to set up your team for success. To learn more about how you can avoid taking things personally and create an effective hiring process, tune into this episode of Profit by Design. 

This week’s guest, Erin Longmoon, is the Chief Idea Officer and Overseer of the Realm for Zephyr Recruiting. Her job includes recruiting employers for small businesses in which she uses extensive insight and systems she has developed to help ensure a positive hiring experience. Erin is in tune with maintaining the company culture and integrating individuals in which match that vision. If you’re looking for someone who can solve your hiring challenges, Erin is the perfect match to help you find your perfect match!


Show Highlights: 

  • Mike explains the necessity of learning to manage your employees and the emotional toll it can have on your business. 
  • The growing process of separating your ego from the business. 
  • Being a support system for your employees and trying to look at problems from a different perspective. 
  • Prioritizing effectiveness.  
  • Finding new hiring processes and evaluating what you can do differently. 
  • Mike explains how he created a proactive hiring process and the importance of constantly reiterating expectations. 
  • Childhood and past experiences impact the way we interact with employees and can set unrealistic expectations. 
  • Erin and Dr. Sabrina discuss setting up a foundation of safety in order to create a space for employees and the employer to become a valuable team member. 
  • Creating a team that can progress with a projection of longevity. 
  • Paying attention to past events that influence and dictate how you hire and move forward with your business.
  • As a business owner, it may be efficient to have someone qualified sort through applications for you to ensure a better hiring experience. 
  • Erin shares the most important factors to look for when considering hiring a recruiter. 
  • It’s important to take little successes with you to create a cycle of success. 
  • Dr. Sabrina discusses how to turn employee downfalls into a teachable moment instead of making it an overall negative experience. 
  • Employers should create a system and ask intentional questions to help identify things within people before hiring them. 
  • Business owners have a connection with the business that no employee will ever have, but that’s why having employees who have broader views to help make decisions can be helpful. 
  • Mike shares how working with Dr. Sabrina changed his perspective on hiring and how Dr. Sabrina helped him to create a better onboarding and system to support team members throughout their employment with him.
  • It can be difficult to shift things on your own, which is why you should reach out to different resources and people for advice.
  • Dr. Sabrina summarizes the support available from Tap the Potential for business owners to hire and grow a team of A-Players, including the How to Hire the Best free Masterclass, How to Hire the Best Course, Small Group Coaching at Tap the Potential, Leadership Bootcamp for team members and Coach Approach for business owners and team members.
  • Dr. Sabrina shares how Erin and Zephyr Recruiting make recruiting and hiring much easier for business owners and how their process results in a better cultural fit. 


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