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Jun 27, 2019

Just a few years ago, Dr. Nancy Trimboli endured extreme levels of stress as she managed her bustling chiropractic practice across two locations and 40 employees. She knew she needed a change. She was disheartened when an industry coach told her he would not work with her because she was seeking to expand and contract at the same time. Through a series of connections, Dr. Nancy found Dr. Sabrina and they have been working together to transform Dr. Nancy’s business over the last 2 years. On today’s episode, Dr. Nancy and Dr. Sabrina dig into the transformation Dr. Nancy has made in her practice that have allowed her to expand her profit, impact and peace of mind. Dr. Nancy is a 4 Week Vacation™ Trailblazer and Breakthroughs on the Bayou Retreat Alumni. She shares the unexpected turn of events that almost derailed her 4 Week Vacation and how the 4 Week Vacation allowed her to restructure her time to focus on writing her book. 


Today, Dr. Nancy Trimboli shares her journey as a chiropractic entrepreneur along with different practices you can implement into your life to improve your overall health. Dr. Nancy Trimboli is a health expert and chiropractor with over 25 years of experience. She has taken the lessons she learned from her Father, an Episcopalian priest, and from earning a black belt in Taekwondo and used them as the foundation for the hard work and dedication implemented in her business. Throughout her practice, Dr. Nancy has created a multi-location, multi-doctor business with over 40 employees who work with up to 150 people per day. This has allowed Dr. Nancy to master the art of taking complex health issues and breaking them down for others in a concise and comprehensive way. She shares this knowledge through platforms such as her Youtube channel (which currently has over 100 videos to better your functionality), Facebook live videos, and her new book. Her upcoming book, Stealth Health, takes a unique perspective on understanding health and how you can ask better questions to improve your own health. 


Show Highlights: 


  • Dr. Nancy’s chiropractic business a few years ago had many stressful factors. She explains how she relieved that stress and found A-Player employees with Dr. Sabrina’s coaching and using Dr. Sabrina’s How to Hire the Best Strategies.


  • The financial glitch that made Dr. Nancy realize she needed to make a shift. 


  • The emotional impact that running a business had on Dr. Nancy and how she found the right business coach. 


  • Dr. Nancy explains how she created a movement outside of her brick and mortar practice to reach more people. 


  • The practices Dr. Nancy started to implement into her business began to reshape her business. She explains what her first steps were and how her vision came into fruition. 


  • Dr. Nancy shares the importance of creating a vision and finding employees that live that vision. 


  • Dr. Nancy explains why downsizing isn’t always a negative thing and the aspects of her business that expanded from her downsizing. 


  • The target audience for Dr. Nancy’s new book and how you can use her book to navigate your health. 


  • The importance of taking time for yourself and recognizing how little time it takes. 


  • Incorporating essential oils and the different methods to use them. 


  • Dr. Nancy explains trigger point therapy and the benefits that come from it. 


  • Dr. Nancy shares her tips for staying healthy while you fly. 


  • Making good choices to create a world where people can be healthy and fulfill their dreams without pharmaceuticals. 


  • The journey of working with an editor to write Stealth Health and the inspiration behind the book.


  • How illness created opportunities for Dr. Nancy. Using illness as an inspiration and motivation. 


  • Helping people take positive steps in the direction of overall health. 



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