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May 30, 2019

Do you work really hard? And are you giving your all to support the business you're working for and wondering what's in it for you? In today's episode, we're talking about how work supports life and not the other way around. Tune in now to find out more.

In today's podcast, Dr. Sabrina and Mike have a conversation with Maegan Raymond and Britney Shore, two A-Players from two very different A-Player small businesses. Both of these businesses are great places to work because the owners are dedicated to creating businesses that support life, rather than having people's lives support their businesses. Today, Maegan and Britney will be sharing their experiences in these businesses from an A-Player perspective, and they will be discussing the learning and growth that they have been through while working there. They also talk to us about the way that these businesses support a good quality of life, and how this inspires them to give their very best. Listen in today, to hear Maegan and Britney's insights about what these businesses have done for them, and how they, in turn, are giving so much back to the businesses. 

Maegan Raymond is the office manager of American Landscape and Lawn Science., located in a quiet corner of Connecticut. She received her associate degree in accounting in 2006 and continued her employment as a bookkeeper at a non-profit organization until 2013 when she decided that a career change was in order. With six years of experience, Megan has helped her teammates grow the company from 800 to over 2500 customers. In addition, her duties include overseeing three office staff, financial reporting, and general support for the entire company. Megan loves spending time with her wonderful husband, Rick and her three-year-old daughter, Ellison.

Britney Shore is with Core Accounting Services and she graduated from Texas A&M University in 2016 with a BBA in accounting. Shortly after, her husband, three kids, and two dogs moved to Castle Rock, Colorado, where they spend most of their free time outdoors and taking day trips to the mountains.  

Show Highlights:

  • Maegan and Britney share their thoughts on what makes a great place to work.
  • Maegan and Britney talk about where they're working and how they came to be working there.
  • How Britney got to hear about Core Accounting and Christine.
  • The role of intuition.
  • The difference between an opportunity and a job.
  • Both Maegan and Britney found their jobs through networking.
  • Maegan and Britney talk about the growth in the businesses since they've been working there.
  • What motivates them, as team members.
  • The confidence building is baked into the systems and the structure of how they do things.
  • What fuels the sense of ownership for Maegan and Britney.
  • Learning that slow is actually fast. 
  • Britney loves working with people and helping them feel good about what they're putting out.
  • Getting pep-talks and guidance.
  • Navigating relationships with team members in a healthy way.
  • Personal problems tend to come into a small business.
  • The important role that trust plays in the company Maegan works for.
  • Lack of judgment is important for building trust.
  • How Maegan and Britney deal with frustration at work.
  • The growth that Maegan and Britney have seen in themselves as their companies have grown.
  • Their initial thoughts about Leadership Bootcamp.
  • The parts of Leadership Bootcamp that Britney has practiced using with her family.
  • Why assumptions don't work.
  • The most impactful thing that Maegan learned from Leadership Bootcamp.
  • What's different about the places where Maegan and Britney are working, that inspires A-Players to work there.
  • The importance and benefits of investing in your employees.
  • Britney shares some words of wisdom from Brene Brown about confidence and vulnerability.


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