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May 1, 2019

Today, Dr. Sabrina and Mike bring Chad Hatfield, owner of Hatfield Builders and Remodelers in Plano, Texas, back onto the show. Chad was previously interviewed early on in the Profit by Design Podcast, in the very popular episode 4. Just before today's podcast was recorded, Chad shared some interesting insights with Dr. Sabrina. Chad’s insights got her thinking about her own business, so she anticipates that what Chad shares might resonate with you.

Since attending the Breakthroughs on the Bayou 4 Week Vacation™ Retreat with Dr. Sabrina, and over the last four months, Chad is connecting the dots with certain things in his life. He is being more mindful of what he brings in the door of his business and how that affects his team. Most recently he and his team are examining how they may have inadvertently “baked” people-pleasing into their systems. Chad, Mike and Dr. Sabrina dig deep into the 'aha moments' that Chad and other business owners tend to experience and some of the things that business owners have to work on, that are outside of normal business-building tasks. Tune into today, to find out why Chad's whole life makes more sense in the last three or four months than it ever has before.

The Breakthroughs 4 Week Vacation™ Retreat is a powerful experience, and the eagerness of both the participants and the presenters to be real and vulnerable is part of what makes it so special. Even after the retreat, the conversations and the support continue to happen. 

Show Highlights:

  • Chad talks about some of the struggles that business owners are going through.
  • If you walk into your business, and you're in a frantic or a stressful state, that stress spills over onto everybody else in the business.
  • People mirror back to you what you put out.
  • How things came full-circle for Chad.
  • Dealing with the different aspects of ADHD.
  • Chad set up boundaries, to prevent having to do things in the future in the same way that they were done in the past.
  • It's empowering to let other people solve problems in your business. Chad explains what this looks like for him.
  • Chad explains how his mindset has changed around having other people solving problems in his business.
  • Fear caused Chad to attempt to control the people and the circumstances around him.
  • The ways that fear can destroy you.
  • Chad's whole life makes more sense in the last three or four months than it ever has before.
  • Chad explains how listening to John Bates speak at the retreat really resonated with him. 
  • Getting out of the tunnel by listening to those who love you.
  • How we've baked people-pleasing into the systems of our businesses.
  • The implications, for Chad, of coming to terms with people-pleasing in his business.
  • What it really means to be humble.
  • Creating boundaries with team members.
  • Showing your team that they really matter.
  • Having fun and finding a win-win outcome for the whole team.
  • Focusing on the team, and having fun has a huge impact on the culture of the business.
  • Dr. Sabrina explains that when we change our questions, we change the results that we get.
  • Learning to recognize fear.
  • Stop being so hard on yourself because it starts with developing grace and empathy within yourself.


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