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Apr 18, 2019

Do you have an important story to share? And would you like to become more powerful and effective in the way you communicate it? In today's episode, Dr. Sabrina and Mike have a conversation with John Bates. John's superpower is helping us get out of our own way to have an impact on the world. John is very good at getting people to be real very quickly. Dr. Sabrina was privileged to work and train with him on at least three occasions over the last year and he was a big part of how she has grown in her ability to connect and communicate authentically. John was also with Dr. Sabrina at the recent Breakthroughs on the Bayou 4 Week Vacation™ Retreat, as their VIP Day Workshop Leader. Tune in to hear all the good stuff that John shares today!

John Bates’ 'why' is to bring out what is awesome inside of every person, so it can live in the world and make a real difference. Based in human evolutionary biology and neurophysiology, John's principles of leadership, communication, and influence show you not only what works, but why it works, making them easy to apply to your unique style, so you can be even more effective. John trains and coaches C-level leaders at global organizations like Johnson and Johnson, NASA (including all the active astronauts), Exentia, Boston Scientific, and more. 

John's background is as a founder, co-founder, or very early-stage employee at internet-related start-up companies like BigWords.Com, which flamed out in the  Dot Com bomb, or GoldStar.Com, which is still rocking and rolling. John would always end up with the title 'evangelist'. He has raised several hundred million dollars with his various teams in Silicon Valley and beyond, and he now shares his experiences from the school of hard knocks with his clients all over the world. Tune in for more!

Show Highlights:

  • The incredible breakthroughs that John created at the recent Breakthroughs on the Bayou 4 Week Vacation™ Retreat.
  • John gets people to be real very quickly. 
  • It took John about a year-and-a-half to two years for John to break even.
  • John discusses the exponential growth of his coaching business that came as he shifted his focus from making money to providing value.
  • Why John decided to base all his training in human evolutionary biology and neurophysiology.
  • John talks about creating your audience, something he has seen make an enormous difference for all types of people.
  • John walks us through the steps to quiet our monkey mind so we can connect and have a powerful impact.
  • John shares his experience with a stoic audience and how he overcame his monkey mind, giving us strategies to do the same when we are in front of any audience (from keynotes to weekly team meetings). 
  • Getting out of the tactical mindset.
  • Non-verbal communication sets the context for everything we say.
  • John shares some of the best advice he ever got.
  • John shares some of his resources.
  • John just released The Amazing Itty Bitty Guide To Being Ted-Worthy- Fifteen Essential Secrets of Successful Speaking Based In Human Neurobiology, which rapidly became an Amazon Best Seller on the day of its release.
  • John's new book, Speak Like A Ted-Worthy Leader- Connect, Inspire, and Transform, is about to come out.

Links and resources:

Profit by Design Podcast: 

Profit by Design Facebook group

John's website: with John:






John's resources: 

1) Openings and Closings PDF

2) John's book, now available from Amazon: The Amazing Itty Bitty Guide To Being Ted-Worthy- Fifteen Essential Secrets of Successful Speaking Based In Human Neurobiology 

3)  John is gifting our Profit Designers with a 50% savings on his Speak Like a Leader Bootcamp. Use this special link to access this powerful course:

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