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Apr 4, 2019

Did you know that your mindset is a critical issue? And that it affects your business in several key areas? In today's episode, Dr. Sabrina and Mike have an interesting conversation with Tom Reber, the host of The Contractor Fight Podcast. They talk about mindset and the impact that it has on the pricing of services, the sales process, the way we deal with the hiring process, and how we deal with our team. Tom also talks about the value of getting outside of our own industry to make our businesses really stand out. Listen in today, to find out more!

Tom runs a coaching and consulting company for contractors. Tom believes the battle we're fighting starts between the ears. Tune in to find out about toxic mindsets and what it takes to develop the kind of confidence you need to build the kind of business you want. 

Tom Reber is the host of The Contractor Fight Podcast which currently reaches tens of thousands of contractors all around the world, through the podcast, Tom's Youtube channel, Contractor Fight TV, social media, and private workshops. Tom is a Marine Corps veteran and he lives in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Show Highlights:

  • Tom shares the moment that he realized that mindset was a critical issue.
  • What you focus on and what you give importance to, is generally what you're going to get in your life.
  • Tom talks about the foundation of what they do in The Contractor Fight.
  • The biggest battles that Tom sees contractors fighting between their ears.
  • You have to be confident, and your own biggest fan.
  • Confidence is like a muscle. You have to work on intentionally building your confidence.
  • How to grow your confidence.
  • You become the average of the five people you hang out with.
  • The benefits of being uncomfortable.
  • Making the choice to make money.
  • Tom shares about his provocative online article, How to Increase Profit In Less Than One Month.
  • The number one area that gross profit is lost is through direct labor costs.
  • Managing labor costs and getting employees invested in the profit of the company.
  • Why it's worth paying the best people the most money.
  • Why you have to have certain non-negotiables when it comes to the character of the people you employ.
  • What is involved in a culture contract.
  • Tom explains his Profit Path.
  • Preparing your mindset for employing the right people.
  • Raising your prices when things get tough in business.
  • Tom's rather unorthodox sales process.
  • The incredible benefits of learning to listen properly.
  • Learning to take control with your clients.
  • Shifting your mindset from 'that won't work' to 'how can I make this work?'.
  • The value of journaling and affirmations. 


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