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Mar 14, 2019

Are you clear about where your strengths lie? In today's episode, we're sharing our interview with Darren Virassammy, the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 34 Strong. Darren blew Dr. Sabrina away with his talk at ProfitCON last Fall, about working and living from our strengths. Darren has been bringing StrengthsFinder into organizations to help team members to gain clarity about where their strengths lie. And Dr. Sabrina has been looking for ways to help her clients deepen what they're already doing that works – leading from strengths. 


Did you know that businesses with highly-engaged team members working from their business Sweet Spots have the potential be 200-10,000 percent more profitable than their peers in the same industry? This is because people are happiest when they are working from their strengths. The ability to work from your strength is key to creating a great place to work. Tune in today to hear Darren's conversation with Dr. Sabrina about tapping people's strengths!


Darren Virassammy is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of 34 Strong, comprised of a team that believes everyone deserves a great place to work and that any workplace can be great.  A leading expert in the global employee engagement community, the 34 Strong team leverages the Strengths-Based approach to human development to create massive shifts within organizations, both culturally and on the bottom line. Darren and his team have created sustainable change in small micro-businesses, all the way up to large organizational teams at the FDA, Bank of America, and The California Department of Public Health.  Recently, Darren keynoted for Hitachi Global Women’s Conference, The Rotary World Peace Conference, The Professional Grounds Management Society, and Author Mike Michalowicz’ ProfitCon.  


Show highlights:


  • How Darren got into his work and why he's so passionate about what he does.
  • When you work really hard on something that you don't love, it's called stress. And when you work really hard on something that you love, and that you feel is making an impact, it's called passion.
  • Every employee deserves a great place to work, and every workplace can be a great place to work. It takes work!
  • What happens when people become better versions of themselves.
  • Talent is your natural patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that can be productively applied.
  • Focusing on what's right with people.
  • We can easily overlook our talents because those things come so naturally to us. 
  • Creating awareness of how our talents align to create excellence.
  • Moving our frustration to fascination.
  • Learning the language of strengths to identify your talents.
  • The way that tension dissipates in a team after understanding patterns of strength.
  • What happens when business owners take the  StrengthsFinder Assessment.
  • Team awareness starts with self-awareness.
  • Everybody wants to be valued for being valuable.
  • The way that your team interacts is the brand of your organization.
  • Darren shares some data on the level of engagement of employees in America.
  • Dealing with pushback within organizations.
  • Catching people doing things right.
  • Dr. Sabrina and Darren are teaming up together to offer Leading Your Organization from Strengths, to help small business owners build teams that are working from their strengths.
  • What will be included in Leading Your Organization from Strengths, and what you will gain from it.


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How to Hire the Best by Dr. Sabrina Starling


The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz


Destination Unstoppable by Maureen Monte


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