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Sep 14, 2023

Is YouTube part of your marketing strategy? It’s the second most popular website in the world and the second most popular social network. People watch one billion hours of video on YouTube EVERY day. Join us to learn how to make the most of YouTube for your business profitability!

I’m joined by Nate Woodbury, the producer of over 50 YouTube channels focused on generating leads for their corresponding businesses. Nate pulls back the curtain to teach us his entire YouTube strategy so you can join the ranks of those generating 6-7 figures annually.


Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production.


Show Highlights:

  • The starting point in taking advantage of what YouTube offers by bridging the gap for people and providing the answers they need

  • Why Nate pivoted his business to focus solely on YouTube

  • How building relationships and community help to “set the hook”

  • How to make videos to generate referral-quality leads based on “how to” content

  • Nate’s tips: Don’t focus on the number of views, be consistent in your content, and keep the attention of your audience.

  • How to get paid by using YouTube for your business

  • How to incorporate your call to action in YouTube videos

  • How Nate’s YouTube strategy is different in leveraging your expertise and growing a following that will generate leads

  • An overview of Nate’s book, A Hero’s Guide to Influence on YouTube (Just pay shipping and get your free copy.)

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