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Jul 27, 2023

Profit Designers, I’m bringing you another past episode featuring an entrepreneur who has taken a 4 week vacation. It is my intention to inspire you, no matter where you are in your business, that it IS possible to have a business that can run without you as you take a 4 week vacation®️ Rodrigo’s story is a powerful one with many life lessons, one of which is the power in declaring something that is important to you and making it happen. Join us for this encore edition of Ep.165 and learn how Rodrigo made the 4 Week Vacation®️ Pledge and followed through with committed actions. You can do it, too!


Rodrigo Laddaga Lopez is the Founder and CEO of Helpi Coaching in Mexico and the author of Dear Entrepreneur: A Spiritual and Technical Guide on How to Be a Fulfilled and Successful Entrepreneur / Small Business Owner. His entrepreneurial journey and the lessons learned along the way are featured in Dr. Sabrina’s book, The 4 Week Vacation®️. Listen in as he shares a profound experience he had while setting out to take his own 4 week vacation®️. You are sure to identify with his struggles and be inspired by his determination.


Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production.


Show Highlights:

  • How Rodrigo describes taking on The 4 Week Vacation®️ challenge

  • Why it is critical to find team members who have similar core values as you

  • What Rodrigo identifies as his two most important life lessons learned on his entrepreneurial journey

  • What Rodrigo considers the most important characteristic of a successful entrepreneur

  • The value in asking yourself the following: 1) What challenges am I currently facing? 2) Who might help me, and what resources do they have?

  • Dr. Sabrina’s tips for supporting fellow entrepreneurs

  • Why hiring a business coach is one of the best things an entrepreneur can do

  • Are you ready to take your life back from your business, like Rodrigo is doing? Take our FREE Better Business, Better Life™ Assessment to check your level of entrepreneurial burnout. This will establish a benchmark to examine your quality of life in relation to the strength of your business, and it’s a great tool to use once per quarter to track the improvement in your quality of life and your business.

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