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Dec 8, 2022

Do you want more engagement from your team members? Getting to work from their strengths is the #1 driver for employee engagement. How do you, the business owner, know if your team members are working from their strengths? That’s what today’s show is all about! Join me for a closer look!

There is one simple practice that can dramatically improve communication and help you hold team members accountable with clear expectations. The key is regular, one-to-one meetings with your team members. Even if you’re busy, taking care of your team is of supreme importance in catching small problems before they become big problems. Let’s talk about how to make those 1:1 meetings part of your success plan for a sustainably profitable business. 


Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production.

Show Highlights:

  • How regular 1:1 meetings build trust with team members 
  • My tips for 1:1 meetings that make a difference:
  • Keep regularly scheduled appointment times with each team member and view these meetings like a meeting with your most valuable client.
  • Keep these meetings short and sweet, limited to about 20 minutes per team member.
  • When issues are identified in 1:1 meetings, they should be brought up with your leadership team to be addressed.
  • Give each team member your focused attention during 1:1s. 
  • Ask key questions during 1:1s about wins and successes, going the extra mile to add value and save money, quarterly career goals, key results, and working from their strengths. Be mindful of open-ended vs. closed-ended questions. 
  • How 1:1 meetings save your time, improve efficiency, and prevent problems
  • How to get started with the 1:1 meeting habit with ONE team member at first 

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