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Jan 31, 2019

Mike is back with us on the show again! For Mike and Dr. Sabrina, success in business, in your personal life, and with your goals, is all about small wins. So in today's episode, Mike and Dr. Sabrina are talking about getting unstuck and creating big wins with small steps. They are also talking about planning for profit for 2019. Mike shares a roadmap to plan for profit and explain how to build it into your business.

Many of us are inspired to implement changes in our business at the beginning of January. However, by the time that February comes around, we can be so caught up in the rat race again that all our good intentions are left by the wayside. So today Mike and Dr. Sabrina are discussing how to not feel guilty (or overwhelmed) about not acting on the plans that you made at the beginning of the year. They explain how you can take a few steps back, realign your goals, focus on the small wins, and then take baby steps forward, to achieve the kind of success you'd really like to have in your business. They conclude with offering their own definition of breaking even.

Show Highlights:  

  • How is a successful entrepreneur like a good Valentine? 
  • Taking baby steps towards your goal.
  • We can't just put everything in our business off until the end of the year and hope that it all washes out well.
  • Creating big wins with small steps.
  • Mike urges you to create a list of all the things you really know you need to work on.
  • Establishing a schedule for achieving the small wins.
  • Dr. Sabrina gives some of the fundamentals behind achieving small wins.
  • How to move along and get unstuck.
  • Thinking back about your success over the past year, to create success going forward in the next year.
  • Thinking about the one big thing that you can do right now that will make everything else easier and better.
  • How to deal with feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do.
  • Make a plan for the way that your business will be profitable and take care of your lifestyle.
  • Establishing the break-even for your business.
  • Creating a break-even that allows your business to thrive.
  • Look at your numbers and then face the reality of where you really want to be.
  • Taking the level of risk you bare into account when setting prices.
  • Are you planning for debt, or are you planning to thrive?
  • It's never too late to start establishing your goals.


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