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Aug 4, 2022

In today’s Great Place to Work Spotlight, we feature a business owner who started in a place of struggle and stress but totally transformed her business in just a few years. Through the principles she learned in our How to Hire the Best course, she’s created a Great Place to Work for herself and her dedicated team members. 


We welcome Dr. Nancy Trimboli back to the podcast! She’s a health expert and chiropractor with over 25 years of experience. Her practice, Trimboli Chiropractic, has undergone many changes to become the streamlined, efficient team of A-players that makes Dr. Nancy’s life fulfilling and virtually stress-free. She has a large local patient following and an ever-expanding online audience through her YouTube channel. She is the author of Stealth Health: Take Back Your Power and Unravel the Mystery of You, which was published in 2020. It’s a book for those who want to achieve true health without going the traditional route of relying on medications, interventions, and surgery. Dr. Nancy teaches people how to unravel their health mysteries and ask the right questions, and she applies that focus to making Trimboli Chiropractic a Great Place to Work!


Join us for a closer look at the changes that have taken place at Trimboli Chiropractic to create a thriving environment for Dr. Nancy and her team of A-players!


 Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

Show Highlights:


  • A look at what Trimboli Chiropractic used to look like with about 5 out of 40 A-players, and what it looks like now with the right people in the right places


  • Highlights of Dr. Nancy’s immutable laws for Trimboli Chiropractic


  • Why frequent conversations are the key to good communication among team members


  • How curiosity and questions help eliminate assumptions


  • How Dr. Nancy honed in on consistency as a key factor in their immutable laws


  • How Dr. Nancy streamlined her business and her team to become profitable again


  • Dr. Nancy’s perspective on losing team members who go on to further their careers elsewhere


  • What works for Dr. Nancy in hiring A-players today


  • Steps Dr. Nancy takes to preserve the culture at Trimboli Chiropractic


  • How Dr. Nancy has created a mutually-supportive environment in which she can get out of the way and let her A-players operate in their sweet spots


  • What Dr. Nancy would say to her younger self about her journey to build her business and grow her team




Links and Resources:


Connect with Dr. Nancy: and 


Visit her YouTube Channel for over 150 videos (2-5 min.) designed to help you help yourself at home simply and inexpensively. 

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