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Jul 28, 2022

Business owners are busy! One area that often gets overlooked and pushed aside is team development. We have found some simple ways to work on team development with our Tap the Potential team, and we are pulling back the curtain to give you an inside look at what’s working for us. We hope this episode is helpful for you and your business!

Dr. Sabrina is joined today by Melissa Swire, the Lead Strategist at Tap the Potential. She joined the team in 2019 and carries forward her passion for helping entrepreneurs.Together, Melissa and Dr. Sabrina discuss how to build a better place to work by keeping your team members inspired and encouraged. In this way, your team members will do more for your business and alleviate some of the pressure that small business owners feel. 

Join us for the conversation around team development and learn how this singular concept can be the key to overcoming your hiring challenges and creating a great culture. 

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.


Show Highlights:


  • Why it makes a difference to build a “family” culture where people feel that they work with friends


  • A closer look at Tap the Potential’s team huddles and icebreakers to create a safe, supportive space for all team members


  • Why it’s important to be sensitive to the psychology of A-players, especially the tendency to say YES and overachieve


  • How team huddles give a level of accountability with open and honest communication


  • Melissa highlights some of her favorite icebreaker questions


  • How a “user manual” for each team member gives a lot of information about their preferences, struggles, communication styles, etc. 


  • Why business owners need to have mutually-invested relationships on their team that support team members in their dreams (Our new Dream Manager Program can help!)


  • How building a great team frees up the business owner to take care of other things (Our How to Hire the Best course covers it all!)


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