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Jul 21, 2022

Who is your ideal team member? What are their characteristics? How can working for you be exactly what they are looking for in achieving their hopes and dreams? What are you doing to attract them? You can’t just sit back and wait for them to find you, but you need an intentional, deliberate, and well-crafted system. Want to know more? Let’s talk about finding and attracting those ideal team members. 


Join me to find out how to streamline the time-consuming hiring process so that your valuable time is spent with those candidates who will be the right fit for your business culture!


Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.


Show Highlights:


  • Why you need to rethink your hiring process to find the A-players you want on your team



  • Why the A-player attraction system is THE most important strategic step in building your business (I can teach you how to make this happen! Learn more about my upcoming How to Hire the Best course.)


  • Follow this exercise to identify your ideal team member, the role they can play in serving your clients and supporting your profitability, the personality strengths needed to carry out this role exceptionally well, and the skills that are must-haves


  • Why the skill set for a role is NOT the #1 hiring criteria; skills come AFTER the fit with your core values and their personality strengths


  • Why you must evaluate each potential team member regarding how they demonstrate your immutable laws; this determines everything about how they will fit into your culture!


  • How the things that make us proud and the things that “tick us off” reveal our core values


  • In the time-consuming hiring process, I can show you how to filter out the wrong candidates and spend your time hiring A-players who are the right fit; sign up for the How to Hire the Best course today!

Links and Resources:


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Learn more about the next How to Hire the Best course. 


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