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Jul 14, 2022

Almost 9 out of 10 entrepreneurs are experiencing symptoms of burnout. They think their business cannot run effectively without them and have no system for attracting A-players. Our Better Business Better Life Assessment found these results by surveying 225 entrepreneurs. It all comes down to hiring, onboarding, and team development, and each of these plays a huge role in your profitability. Let’s dive into this topic together!


Retaining A-players is an overlooked area in the business world today, and attracting and hiring them is just the beginning. Your onboarding process is a critical determinant of whether they stay or go, and haphazard training won’t cut it. You want your new team members to feel supported, confident, and set up for success; the best way to do that is to create engagement and build enthusiasm for their new role. Join me in this episode as I break down what it takes to create a great onboarding experience!


Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

Show Highlights:


  • The facts: Only about 7 out of 10 entrepreneurs say they have a system for onboarding new team members.
  • Why you should treat the onboarding process for new team members with as much care and priority as attracting new customers/clients
  • How onboarding A-players to your team DIRECTLY affects your profitability
  • Why the 12-18 onboarding process should focus on relationship-building within the team, and transition into ongoing team development
  • Why team members will STAY: It all comes down to relationships!
  • Why YOUR relationship with the new team member comes first: “Be INTEREST-ED, not INTEREST-ING.” (The People Map Assessment is a simple tool that can help you learn someone’s strengths, communication style, goals, and more!)
  • The value in setting up opportunities for your existing team to get to know the new team member
  • Why you should want to be a part of that team member’s career journey, helping them to fulfill their overall life and career goals
  • Why you should ask about their goals, dreams, and strengths–and align their role accordingly
  • Why you should ask their opinion on what makes a great boss and how they like to be appreciated because this gives more insight into who they are
  • The value in pre-establishing clear, well-defined goals for the new team member’s role, including how they can be an A-player by the end of Year One, Month One, Week One, etc.
  • Why it’s helpful to ask existing team members about their highs and lows during their first weeks on the job to gauge what’s working best and what is not
  • How a simple conversation at the end of Day One can create a great experience and help your new team member feel celebrated, successful, and appreciated
  • Why it is important to establish clear guidelines about who the new team member is with, and later, where they can go to ask questions (Who do they go to? What if that person isn’t available? How often will they meet with you?)
  • How an end-of-day huddle can be very helpful for a new team member during the first few weeks; you can later transition to weekly one-on-one check-in meetings

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