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May 19, 2022

Welcome back for part three of this four-part series! In the last two episodes, I shared how to avoid the most common and costly missteps when working on your business. I also talked about how to multiply your profit by 100-900% in less than 12 months while freeing up more of your time. The greatest value in focusing on $10,000 an hour activities is the impact on your quality of life as a business owner. 


At Tap the Potential, we support our clients in designing business plans that align with their life’s vision, which is very different from most coaching plans that focus solely on increased revenue. When what you are working on aligns with the vision you have for your life, you KNOW that you are working on $10,000 an hour activities.


Today’s focus is on getting your team to have the same mindset about $10,000 an hour activities. A clear, compelling, vivid vision is a big part of that mindset, and your team members have to understand your vision. Refer to my book, The 4 Week Vacation, for guided help developing your vision. Join me now to learn more!


 Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.


Show Highlights:


  • How to help your team clearly understand your vision and the sweet spot of your business:
  • Identify the most important result that you need from each role to make money and save money, and share that with each team member.
  • Review in weekly one-on-one meetings with team members the one result that is their highest-value contribution. 
  • How to align team members’ strengths with the one result they need to deliver:
  • Have one-on-one weekly check-in meetings with each team member.
  • Give them permission to speak up about tasks that need to come off their plate. 
  • Why teaching all team members to look out for “drag” on themselves and each other will help them find workable solutions to delegate tasks and support each other
  • How to use the Chart of $10,000 an Hour Activities by sharing it with team members; identifying the highest-value contribution for their role; and listening to their ideas about delegating, automating, and taking tasks off people’s plates that don’t align with their strengths
  • An example from our Leadership Boot Camp of an A-player who understood the sweet spot and helped improve the profitability of his business


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