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Feb 24, 2022

I’m talking to a friend and colleague today about her book and how Profit First principles can apply to any business. Struggling business owners breathe an audible sigh of relief when their profit margins are increased, and they can operate from an abundance mindset. Join us for today’s episode to learn more. 

Christeen Era is the co-founder of Green Profit Academy and an accounting and consulting professional who has helped hundreds of small and mid-sized businesses improve their cash flow, post higher profits, and achieve stronger growth. In Profit First for Lawn Care and Landscape Companies, she provides an industry-specific toolbox to help the owners of these businesses manage their expenses and increase their gross profit margins to as high as 65%. Passionate about helping her clients flourish and grow, Christeen is a certified Profit First Professional, Pumpkin Plan Strategist, Certified Fix This Next Advisor, and Quickbooks ProAdvisor. 

Join us as we take a closer look at how Profit First is helping Christeen’s clients!

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group. 


Show Highlights:

  • Christeen gives an overview of her journey with Profit First that began in 2015
  • How Profit First helps solve specific problems in Christeen’s business
  • Early “sighs of relief” that Christeen hears from her clients who implement the Profit First system
  • Lawn care and landscape businesses, the huge potential, the disconnect, and what’s holding them back
  • The huge difference and mindset shifts that happen when operating expense accounts are over-funded
  • The trauma that some business owners have–and why it leads to a “This is too good to be true” belief
  • How Christeen’s scalable growth business model is a roadmap to grow your business while maximizing profits
  • Common mistakes business owners make in “DIY versions” of Profit First
  • The initial pieces that Christeen puts into place to help with course correction for business owners
  • How you can get Christeen’s Free Toolbox for any contracting and service industry


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