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Dec 30, 2021

One of the year-end traditions here at Tap the Potential is taking our Better Business, Better Life™ clients through in-depth strategic planning to prepare for the year ahead in order to build those businesses that give them their lives back.

Last week, Dr. Sabrina walked us through the very powerful “Gift to Yourself” exercise, which enabled us to examine not only our wins, successes, and breakthroughs of 2021, but also our losses, disappointments, and breakdowns.

In today’s third installment of this strategic planning series, we’re going to have a little fun by designing your compelling business vision that will give you a higher quality of life in the year ahead.

We hope you join us on this insightful adventure!   

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

Show Highlights:

  • Download your FREE Strategic Planning Workbook to assist you in your planning!
  • Since all good strategic planning begins by taking a business and personal well-being inventory, this is a great time to take our FREE Better Business, Better Life™ assessment to check in on your business and your own mental and emotional well-being.
  • Visioning is the most powerful and effective motivator for positive change.
  • As Dr. Sabrina explains, when we vision, we don’t need to know HOW we’re going to create the things that we vision, we just need to trust that the HOW will appear.
  • Dr. Sabrina discusses the Survival Trap Image from the workbook, and how we can align our actions on an ongoing basis to be a direct path towards achieving our vision.
  • Since our brains like to think in images, it’s important for us to use words and language that evoke images when we are writing our vision. This way, when we share our vision with others, it’s like they’re seeing a movie in their head as we read our vision aloud.
  • By using active language and speaking in the present tense, it’s as if it’s currently happening.
  • What is the experience that you want to have for 2022?
  • Dr. Sabrina asks powerful questions to help you identify the sweet spot in your business.
  • How you and your team members can best utilize the Wheel of Life from your workbook.
  • Are you a good fit for our Better Business, Better Life™ program? Book a call with us and let’s find out!
  • Let’s continue to build on what we’ve learned so far and carry it into next week’s final part of this Strategic Planning Series, when Dr. Sabrina will guide us through designing for profit in the year ahead!

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