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Nov 18, 2021

We have to write our relationship with our businesses, and not let the businesses take over our lives, but as successful as we can become as entrepreneurs, success doesn’t automatically carry over into our personal lives.

Today’s guest has a very powerful life experience he would like to share and his story is featured in Dr. Sabrina’s newly-released The 4 Week Vacation™ book! Listen in as John Bates walks us through some of his most challenging professional and personal moments and the lessons that came out of it.

John Bates‘ mission is to bring out what is awesome inside you, so it can live in the world and make a real difference. He designs his programs using principles derived from neurobiology so your communication is as mighty as your ideas.

John is an in-demand executive coach. He is also one of the most prolific TED-format coaches in the world. Executives from organizations like Johnson & Johnson’s JLABS, NASA (including the Astronauts), US Navy Special Operations, Boston Scientific, and more recommend him to their colleagues as the best leadership communication coach working today. He knows the power creating a TED-like talk can bring to anyone, in business, and in life.

John's training is derived from human evolutionary biology and human neurophysiology, so you learn not only what works, but also WHY it works. That gives you principles you can apply to your unique style, which will allow you to achieve ever-increasing success and the ability to play and create in the areas of communication and leadership.

John has trained thousands of TED/TEDx/TED-format speakers all over the world. He also works with C-level executives at top companies to make their communications "TED-Worthy."

His ongoing program, Live Like a Leader, supports executives, entrepreneurs, influencers, and leaders in being fully integrated, influential leaders. And his podcast,, inspires people from all over the world.

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production in collaboration with Small Business Consulting Group.

Show Highlights:

  • John relates a personal, life-changing experience.
  • Dr. Sabrina shares the importance of completing the stress cycle.
  • What a “mid-week weekend” can do for you!
  • Take four weeks away from my business, seriously? (Yes, seriously.)
  • If you’re a “one-man band”, you will always play small.
  • Be clear on the idea that you want to bring to the world.
  • John and Dr. Sabrina discuss public speaking and suggest tips for effective communication.
  • Are you ready to Speak Like a Leader? Check out the courses that John offers!
  • If you’re ready to take your life back from your business, purchase your copy of The 4 Week Vacation™  (plus you get a bonus!) and join us in the Entrepreneurs Take Your Life Back! Community Facebook group.

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